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The city of flowers in Dubai

The City of Flowers in Dubai or the Dubai Miracle Garden as some call it, and it represented the wonderful gathering of the most prominent and wonderful types of flowers and roses around the world, and it was called the Garden of Miracle due to the high accuracy and extreme care in its design, in addition to its vast area, and the diversity and multiplicity of flowers in it, which is The largest diversity in the world.

reason of calling

The name of the city of flowers with this name is due to the fact that it contains approximately 45 million flowers of 30 different types of beautiful colors of flowers, which consist of 60 colors. This city extends over an area of ​​72 thousand square kilometers, and it has been nominated to enter the Guinness Book of Records due to the presence of The pyramid of flowers, which has a height of 10 meters, in addition to the wall of flowers that surrounds the garden along a length of 800 meters, and a height of 3 meters.

Create a flower garden

The park was opened on February 14, 2013, to be a new tourist destination for the city of Dubai, which is full of wonderful engineering ideas. This colorful miracle is located in the vicinity of the Dubailand complex close to the Arabian Ranches, and its wide and wonderful range of distinctive and eye-catching designs are spread in its corners and paths. There are pyramids and there are horizontal and vertical configurations of flowers in all colors and types, the second stage of the opening included new additions to the city, such as a butterfly garden designed in the form of a three-dimensional vision and decorated with flowers on an area sufficient to accommodate 300 visitors per day. One Wara, and contain many different types of butterflies and colors and corner games for kids great restaurants and shops and a group.

Landmarks of the city of flowers

The most important thing that a visitor can see in this artificial paradise is the image of the late President Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan, may God have mercy on him, in appreciation and pride for him, as he is the founder of the Union State, and the picture comes at the end of the distinctive corridor of hearts, and the picture is surrounded by 7 huge figures of flowers in the form of Hearts, and that is a reference to the seven United Marat under one flag, and this formation symbolizes only the gratitude and love that the state holds for this president.

In this garden there are the most powerful natural and aromatic plants, and visitors can touch, smell and drink a cup of fresh tea in the garden, and there are also many edible plants, so the visitor can harvest the fruits to make for himself a salad of vegetables or fruits that makes his mouth pleasant, and the garden includes all comfort And enjoy making the visit memorable.

Finally, to enjoy its title in this colorful paradise. It has scenery that captivates eyes and hearts, and the sweet scents of flowers collected from more than 200 countries that are unforgettable. If you forget it, there is a souvenir shop from the butterfly garden store that will always remind you that you were here.

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