Folk Lot

The story of the people of Lot is a religious story, mentioned in the three heavenly religions: Islamism, Christianity, and Judaism. The prophet of God Lot, peace and blessings be upon him, is the nephew of the prophet of God, Abraham, peace and blessings be upon him, and he is the one who believed, believed, won, and traveled with him to call on people to worship the one and only God. The people of Lot committed a great obscene, which is to come to the males without the women, so the Prophet of God, Lot, peace and blessings be upon him, came to them advising them to believe in God and unite him, and called for leaving the obscenity, but his people disobeyed him, and they continued to obscure them, and they continued to obey them, and they were also God’s, and they were God’s The earth eclipsed them, except Lot and those who believed in it.

A folk story of Lot

The story of the people of Lot started when Lot left his uncle Ibrahim by his command, and settled in a city called Sodom, in the land of the valley east of the Jordan River. He lived in the village of Sodom in Jordan, people who are corrupt and arrogant, do not accept advice and guidance, and they have taken possession of what God has forbidden, and committed abominations and denials that no one of Adam’s sons had preceded them over time and ages, and they were among the poorest people.

God did not leave the people of Lot without guidance, so he sent to them our master Lot to advise them, guide them, and guide them to worship God alone, and warns them of punishment, so our master Lot, peace and blessings of God be upon him, went to the people of Sodom, calling them, denouncing their actions and their injustice, and warning them to do so. Its consequences. He believed in the call of our master Lot a few, but the rest laughed at him, and told him that they would take him out, but our master Lot who loves good for those people who were misled by Satan, and tempted them from the right path, did not despair and did not give in, so he returned to them calmly, but they insisted, and increased in their stubbornness, .
Lot told his people that he feared the punishment and punishment of God for them, but they insisted on obscene, until God came to punish those corrupt, so God sent three generous angels to the village of Sodom; in the form of men from our master Abraham, and they are: Gabriel, Michael, and Israfil, so they responded to orders God Almighty, so that they may punish His punishment and torment for the people of Lot.

Lose the city

After the arrival of the angels to the village of Sodom, they went as guests to the Prophet of God, may God bless him and grant him peace, and he received them warmly, and the faces of these men were very good, so he feared for his people, and there are only moments until he heard ways at the door, so if he gathered a group of people with his wife That told the people about them, so they hurriedly demanded that Lot hand them over to the guests.
Lot feared his guests, but the angels reassured him, and asked him not to be afraid, and they told him that they are the angels of God, and that they will save Lot and those who believe with him from the torment, before God descends his wrath and torment on these people, so Lot told the believers of God’s command to leave the angered village immediately, No sooner had the night come until Lot left him, peace be upon him, and whoever believed in the village of Sodom, even if he moved away from it came the command of God, and in the morning of their day the earth was shaken in this village with a great earthquake that destroyed the houses, and made the high of them low, and the village of Sodom was wiped out of existence, and its corrupt people, and did not They have no trace.

The effects of the people of Lot

According to Christian sources, the people of Lot settled in the cities of Sodom and Gomorrah, as mentioned in the Bible in the twenty-fourth verse: (So ​​the Lord rained on Sodom and Gomorrah sulfur and a fire from the Lord from heaven)While the Qur’an did not mention the place of the people of Lot absolutely, the scholars have inferred the place by interpreting the Qur’anic texts mentioned. Recently, archaeologists have been able to locate the city of Sodom in an area now called Tel Al-Hamam, located northeast of the mouth of the Jordan River, 14 km north of the Dead Sea, where giant rocky basins were found in the area, along with many tombstones, dolmen or The Mannequins, which are huge stone tables, are made of large granite rocks.
The antiquities found in the city are divided into two parts: the lower and upper, where the upper part of the city contains a huge wall surrounding the city, which is made of mud bricks, built by the first inhabitants of the city to protect and fortify the city, due to the bronze age of the city, and a huge portal was also found on the portal It dates back to the Iron Age, and is located in the northern part of the city, and it includes two huge towers, and under layers of ash, two houses were found, one of which dates back to the Bronze Age, and the other is due to the Iron Age, and includes a kitchen.
In the lower part of the city, a huge building with a height of two meters was found, dating back to the Iron Age, and many houses dating back to the Bronze Age were found, and they contain household items of pottery, in addition to a main square completely paved with solid clay, located at its entrance Two parallel construction.

Discover the city

Excavations in the Dead Sea region began in December 2005 to search for the relics of the city of Folk Lot mentioned in Christian texts. This exploratory group was led by archaeologist Stephen Collins, from Trinity University in New Mexico, under the supervision of the Jordanian Antiquities Department. Excavations lasted ten years, until October 2015, when the mission announced the discovery of relics in the city, dating back to prehistoric times.
There are traces dating back to the Neolithic period between 6000-4500 BC, the copper age between 4500-3600 BC and the Bronze Age between 3600-1200 BC and the era. The iron that extends between the years 1200-332 BC, and scholars have confirmed that this city is the city of Sodom mentioned in the Christian texts.

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