The Egyptian market in Istanbul is one of the most popular markets in the city, and the second largest market in Istanbul after the covered market, and it was called the Egyptian market because in the past the place of this market was home to the stability of all spices and goods imported to the market from Asia and India in Egypt first, then after that the goods reach Istanbul via The sea, dating back to the era of Sultan Murad III where this market was built in 1597, and the aim of its construction was to finance the construction of a new mosque that was known as the Yeni Jammeh and the mosque is located directly opposite the market.
The Egyptian market attracts many Turkish visitors, Arab tourists and international tourists, due to its wide popularity and unique design that mixes the authenticity of the East with the Ottoman state’s tradition. The market in the name of the perfume market or the spice market in relation to the various merchandise available in the market that vary between herbs and spices and others.

How to enter the Egyptian market:

It is possible to enter the Egyptian market in Istanbul through any of its six doors that are distributed between its parties and the entrance located opposite the new mosque is the main entrance to the market, and the market is distributed from the inside in the form of the letter L, and after entering this market the first thing that attracts the visitor is the smell of herbs And spicy aromas, so that the market appears in front of its visitors an integrated market of shops specialized in selling herbs, spices, candy, nuts and clothes in addition to a number of gold stores.

The most important products that can be purchased from the Egyptian market:

Herbal shops in the Egyptian marketHerbal shops in the Egyptian market
There are a number of shops in the Egyptian market that sell various products such as herbs, spices, nuts, dried fruits, and Turkish sweet shops such as morsels, sorghum, and milk, and stores that sell dairy, cheese, and honey, in addition to the original Turkish gold stores and many luxury gift shops from decorated pots, Turkish fabrics, and copper utensils Hand-carved and carved such as coffee kettles and trays, bathrobe stores, textile shops and souvenir shops.

The best activities possible in the Egyptian market:

  • Wander through the streets and alley of the Egyptian market, which is packed with many colors and smart scents that come from rare plants and herbs and take some memorial photos.
  • There are many gift shops, antiques, clothing and souvenirs.
  • Wandering among the shops specialized in selling spices, getting to know the best rare spices and medicinal herbs and buying from them.
  • Sitting at any of the distinctive restaurants in the market place to eat delicious traditional Turkish meals.
  • After finishing touring the Egyptian market and visiting it, going to visit the famous Galata Bridge. After finishing touring the Egyptian market and visiting it, going to visit the famous Galata Bridge and enjoying the above walk and enjoying its sea view.

The site of the Egyptian market in Istanbul:

The Egyptian marketThe Egyptian market
The site of the Egyptian market is known to most Arab and international tourists in Istanbul, as it is located in the Aminounu region of the European section on the side opposite the port, close to the new mosque, and it is possible to reach the market by riding the subway in Taksim F1 to reach a station Captcha And then ride on the T1 tram to get to Eminonu Station, then walk 10 minutes to the market.
It can be reached from the Sultanahmet district, through the Gulhana region and the Sirkeci area, to reach the Aminono district to go to the market.

Market opening hours:

The market starts work from eight in the morning until seven thirty in the evening throughout the week, and the market closes its doors on religious holidays.

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