The village was named by that name, due to the presence of the famous Mount Olympus, and the caves of Olympus, which dates back to the fourth century AD, this quiet spot suitable for fans of adventure, creative nature and photography, is a great opportunity to rent tree houses, or known as Tree Houses at reasonable prices:
1- “Kadir’s Tree Houses”:

Kadir’s Tree Houses

Cadre Tree House is located directly on the coasts of the Mediterranean Sea, where there are a lot of ancient monuments and nature reserves in the place. The house is built on a real tree, and the house consists of five bedrooms, so it is suitable for families and friends.
It has an elegant bathroom, and the place offers an open buffet for breakfast. Also at the place is a group of fun activities that a visitor can enjoy, such as diving, canoeing, rock climbing, fishing activities, daily boat trips, safari and cycling in the mountainous areas around the tree tree house Beside the house, there are the famous Pizza Hut restaurants, and a number of restaurants that offer Turkish sea food.
Access address: Yazır Mah, Olimpos Mevkii, 07350 Kumluca / Antalya, Turkey
Reservation Phone: 902428921250
Hotel website:
Cost: starts at $ 150

2- Saban Tree Houses:

Saban Tree Houses

The Saban Tree House is located near the quiet and creative Çıralı beach, close to the remains of the caves of the ancient village of Olympus, the hotel was opened in 1990, to take advantage of the region’s pine trees, and the place combines calm and recreation, and experience adventure and excitement.
The houses consist of wood, and the wooden huts can accommodate two or three people at most, and contain shared bathrooms, and breakfast is included on the price of the stay, and the breakfast is characterized by a delicious taste consisting of (butter, jam, mezzah, olives and there are Turkish cuisine (such as Turkish eggs and Turkish tea), and there are transportation services to and from the airport, and the place also provides car rental services, to enjoy your trip without hindrance.
Arrival address: Olimpos Yazirkoyu 07350 No: 25 Kumluca Antalya, 07350, Turkey.
Reservation Phone: 905070076600
Hotel website:
Cost: starts at $ 100
Services: Wireless Internet, supports Visa and MasterCard

3- Bayrams Tree Houses Hotel:

Bayrams Tree Houses

Also located near Çıralı beach, just a 2-minute walk, the hideout of the place behind the mountain, Olympus, the charming nature, the houses are built of wood on real trees, with elegant Turkish hand furnishings inside, and elegant wooden furniture.
The hotel offers services such as laundry and ironing, delicious Turkish meals, car rental services for easy and easy transportation, along with fun activities on the beach and other activities on the mountain, and safari and evening parties and barbecues.
Arrival address: Olympos, 07350 Olympos / Antalya, Turkey
Reservation Phone: 902428921243
Hotel websites:
These are the three most important homes to experience living on trees, in elegant wooden houses and huts, and the village of Olympus is characterized by magic, next to beautiful wooden houses, and water activities such as diving and rowing, the village is suitable for all lovers of ancient history, and you find inscriptions engraved on the mountains overlooking the coast.

Things to do in Village Huts:
You can play and have fun, in the valleys filled with pine trees, and the village also has a number of ancient graves and graves that date back to prehistoric times, and the beaches are opened from seven in the morning until seven in the evening, and the village occupies international centers in terms of beach quality and clean water .
And it is distinctive to hold evening barbecues in the courtyard of tree houses hotels, and nightlife with fire lighting, which is an appropriate opportunity for fans of monitoring and photographing stars, and do not forget to enjoy the beautiful Olympus cable car ride to see the mountainous areas covered in green.

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