The tourist chain Aldghaither Island is the finest chain of restaurants not only in the news, but in the whole kingdom, from its picturesque location that overlooks the sea directly to the quality of its food and the good service provided.
Al-Daghaither Tourism Island
Aldghaither island is an industrial island located in the city of Al Khobar, characterized by the presence of a series of five-star international restaurants, as well as cafes, a hall for events, and a large parking lot. It is the exit for it, so it represents the best place to visit, whether to eat delicious food or to enjoy the stunning views of the sea.

Al Deghaither Tourism Island restaurants
There is in the tourist island of Al-Daghethir, 6 international restaurants, which are considered the most prestigious chains of restaurants in the Kingdom, as they are very sophisticated and luxurious restaurants, and they have very high ratings from their various visitors, all of which are five stars, even the group of cafes on the island is global and has five stars and is very distinctive.

1- Laguna Eastern Khobar Restaurant “Laguna Eastern Khobar”
Lagwana restaurant is the most elegant restaurant at all and it overlooks the sea directly, as the tables are located on the external balconies overlooking the sea and green areas, and there is also a group of internal tables that overlook the sea as well, and this restaurant is characterized by being a diversified restaurant that does not provide one type of food It even offers a range of delicious international dishes, such as Indian, Chinese, European, Levantine and Oriental dishes. This is in addition to a distinguished selection of sweets, juices and hot drinks, and its prices are characterized by being medium in height.

2- Al Sanbok Restaurant
Al Sanbouk restaurant is located next to the Lagwana restaurant, so it overlooks the sea directly like it. It is the best restaurant in Khobar that offers seafood, where dishes are prepared from the finest types of fresh fish. Delicious juices, drinks and desserts that you can order after a delicious meal.

3- Don Corlioni Restaurant
Don Corleone restaurant is characterized by serving the most famous italyn dishes, and this restaurant is the third restaurants of Aldegaither island overlooking the sea directly after Lagwana restaurant and Al Sanbouk restaurant, the restaurant is distinguished by its elegant italyn architectural style, which makes it a famous and important interface on the island, and this restaurant is one of the oldest restaurants on the island at all As it extends for more than 10 years, as for the dishes offered by Don Corleone restaurant, they are all known italyn delicacies, such as pasta and pizza, and its prices can be classified as not high compared to other restaurants in the city of Khobar.

4- Brasa De Brazil Restaurant Khobar “Brasa De Brazil Restaurant Khobar”
The Brasa de Brasil Al Khobar restaurant, which is the fourth restaurant overlooking the sea immediately after the restaurants of Lagwana, Al Sanbouk and Don Corleone, is unique in its kind and different from them, it is the only restaurant in the place that offers an open buffet system at specific prices for each individual, where you can choose what You want food, which is divided into a number of pillars, where each corner contains a specific type of food, for example you will find there is a special section for appetizers and salads, a barbecue grill, a special corner for soups, and others, and as for the type of food provided it is the famous Brazilian food that is prepared The most famous Brazilian kitchen experts.

5- House Sicilians Restaurant
The Sicilian House Restaurant offers the finest italyn specialties, by the famous italyn chef Alessandroe, who offers italyn dishes with an eastern touch, making it a unique blend, the place’s decorations are characterized by authentic italyn decorations that transport you from the news to Venice.

6- Aioli Lounge Restaurant “Aioli Lounge Restaurant”
Aioli Restaurant is one of the elegant high-end restaurants in Aldghaither Island, which overlooks the sea, and is characterized by its luxurious and comfortable sessions. The restaurant offers the most delicious dishes from different countries of the world, which adds to its special touch that gives the dishes a modern character, and the dishes are characterized by its full diversity, it offers various Types of food ranging from fast food, such as pizza and burgers, to hearty dishes, especially eastern, as for the interior decor of the restaurant is very elegant and modern.

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