Many people tend to Syrian meals because of the known pleasure and health benefits, because the Syrians depend on their food on natural ingredients without any additives, and they have many restaurants in various Arab countries, and among these restaurants; Naranj Restaurant.
Naranj Restaurant was established in Damascus for the first time in 2007, and the reason for its name is due to Naranj (orange) tree which was growing with the finest flowers in front of the houses in the Levant, then Naranj Restaurant expanded and has many branches in Jeddah, Kuwait and others, the restaurant offers A unique dining experience unlike any other, creating unforgettable moments with family and friends.
Naranj Jeddah Restaurant is located on Abdul Maqsoud Khojah Street – Al Rawda – Jeddah, and it is one of the largest Syrian eating restaurants in Jeddah, the restaurant is two floors, has special areas for smokers and shisha, and it has special places for families, it offers the most delicious Syrian meals, the restaurant is characterized by shamy decoration And the clothes of the workers are also shameful.

The most important foods offered by Naranj Restaurant:
1- Soup: lentil soup, municipal wheat soup and kiosk soup.
2- Salads: Fattoush, potato salad with herbs, lettuce and beetroot salad, eggplant fattoush, dandelion salad.
3- Charcoal grill: cherry kebab, shish tawook, poppy kebab, monastery kebab, chicken kebab with arugula, mixed grills, lamb cutlet, and grilled chicken.
4- Hot starters: Maria, fish liqueur, extinguisher chips, sausage roll, fattah dawood pasha, eggplant and basterma.
5- Cold appetizers: chickpeas, hummus with meat, chickpeas with sausage, naranha rosary, naranj bean, marinade marinated, roasted, jaifoura, and free fish, spiced beetroot.
6- Kibbeh: Grilled, vegetarian, kibbeh with spinach, kibbeh with boiling, kibbeh of rice.
7- Pastries: tomato plate, plate of milk, keshk pastry, cheese pastry, chicken and fries in the oven, meat in the tray with tomatoes, and Indian kebab in the tray.
8- Hot Meals: Bulgur with chickpeas, bulgur with tomatoes, chicken Kabbada, Sayadiyah, vine leaves with slices, and porcupine.
9- Confectionery: pans, Arabic ice cream, Konafa Umm Al Narain, Nest of Saraya.
10- Drinks: tea, flowers, coffee, nescafe, hyssop, tamarind, rose syrup, lemon and mint, seasonal juices, and Kamaruddin.

Naranj Restaurant success factors:
1- Renowned for the innovative dishes of the new lovers.
2- Dependence on natural and healthy ingredients in food.
3- The restaurant is distinguished by the old Shami decor, cleanliness and good hospitality.
4- Its team, well trained; they work as one effective unit.
5- Integrity, credibility, and supervision of a group of senior management and health professionals.
6- It offers many flavors of rich and varied Syrian food, which have been imitated in many of the Levant regions.

Celebrities who love Naranj food:
1- Singer Hani Shaker.
2- The singer George Wassouf.
3- Prince Sabah Al-Ahmad, Emir of Kuwait.
4- King Abdullah, King of Jordan.
5- Queen Sofia of Spain.
6- King Abdullah from Jordan.
7- American Senator John Kerry.
8- Francois Sarkozy, the former French president.
9- American actor Pratt Pitt and ex-wife Angelina Jolie.

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