Jawa Dam

The Jawa Dam, located in the Black Jordanian Desert, is the oldest dam built in history, as it was built in the fourth millennium BC, with the aim of stopping the flow of small watercourse, and allowing increased irrigation productivity in the arable land in the areas bordering the riverbed, and there are signs that indicate The presence of another dam in Egypt is characterized by its stone façade, which was built in approximately 2700 BC, and was called the infidels dam, and it is indicated that the oldest dam still in use to date is found in Syria on the Orontes River, as it was built in 1300 BC, In order to irrigate agricultural crops.

Marib dam

The Sabaeans, who were living in Yemen, built the Ma’rib Dam in the seventh century BC, with the aim of delivering water to the city of Ma’rib close to the dam by collecting rainwater falling on the neighboring mountains in the dam, so the people of the city managed to irrigate their agricultural crops, which contributed to the development And the prosperity of incense trade for them, as the dam formed an artificial oasis that helped support the growth of date palm tree crops that require a stable source of water. On the other hand, in 500 BC, the dam was strengthened with another stone cover, which increased the height of the dam to seven meters, either in In 115 BC he claimed the Merrion possessions to fill the Marib, they started to renew it, but they could not be completed, and after these years destroyed the dam, causing the failure of the irrigation system in the city of Sheba, prompting her family to the mass exodus from the surrounding dam area.

Proserpina Dam

The Proserpina Dam was built in the first or second century BC in the province of Badajoz, Spain, where the dam was built with the aim of providing water to the residents of the city of Emrita Augusta, and on the other hand it must be noted that this dam is still in use, which is a UNESCO World Heritage site in Spain .

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