The HBO Falun Beach Resort, in one of the most beautiful tropical islands of the Seychelles, has unveiled a package of activities that invite guests to indulge in a luxurious hospitality experience that adopts the finest sustainable practices that ensure the protection of the environment and natural resources.

The resort, which won several awards, including the flagship green resort award for 2018 and 2019 in Seychelles, has a unique location and offers a series of educational programs that enable its guests to experience a magical natural experience and enjoy the most beautiful times in its spaciousness.

Commenting on the topic, Claudio Capassoli, CEO of H Hospitality Group, said: “We realize that the concept of sustainability has become necessary in this era, but without compromising the requirements of the future generation of young people, we seek to emphasize the importance of combining the concepts of hospitality and environmental conservation. At the same time, by creating a series of programs that encourage the need to adhere to sustainability standards. ”

The HBB Fallon Beach encourages guests to join the many eco-friendly activities available at the resort, as children can attend a coral reef culture workshop and help increase its spread and preservation, with an opportunity to protect these enchanting plants and explore the unique types of creatures and trees around. The resort, in addition to the possibility to participate in the crawling animal laboratory to learn about the resort’s efforts to preserve its numbers, and guests of the exceptional destination can experience a unique experience of making decorative accessories using shells, and other colored stones on the beach.

The resort’s environmental project revolves around five interrelated principles: rationalization of use and recycling, conservation of wildlife, plants and animals, rationalization of water consumption and energy conservation, local care and fair trade.

On the other hand, the pioneering team in sustainable practices and activities within the resort is committed to implementing a strict program for recycling, to ensure that recycled products are disposed of appropriately when possible using local resources and capabilities, and the Seychelles government announced in 2018 that as of January 1, 2019 it will be Banning the use of all disposable plastic materials on the island, The HBO Falun Beach Resort is one of the first resorts to start RefuseTheStraw # campaign, as it encouraged guests to have their drinks without using drinking straws as much as possible, or using straw made It is an edible natural material.

The resort is also the only destination in the Seychelles Islands, which includes a warehouse for the manufacture of fertilizers from foodstuffs, where all food waste is recycled and used to coordinate the green spaces in its area.

The island that embraces the resort is characterized by its rainy tropical climate, which prompted the “HBO Falun Beach” to design all its facilities in a way that collects rainwater to contribute to maintaining the level of water within the basins and the natural lake, and the unique destination includes a water treatment plant with reverse osmosis technology. , Which effectively re-uses lake water in public places and in employee accommodations.

The resort encourages employees and guests to implement the “lights out policy”, and is currently working to fully deploy lighting means with LED lights this year, with the aim of promoting optimal use of resources and reducing energy waste, and solar panels will be installed based on government guidance, which provides for That by 2022 most businesses / companies will rely on solar panels to provide energy for their various facilities.

And to consolidate the resort’s endeavors to support the community, the spa offers its treatments from local ingredients and from the variety of fresh and seafood that are carefully purchased from the island’s fishermen. The resort also grows herbs and fruits in its vegetable garden.

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