Monemvasia is a city and municipality in Laconia, Greece. The city is located on a small island off the eastern coast of the Peloponnese Peninsula. The island is connected to the mainland by 200 meters from a short bridge.

Information about the hidden city on the island of Peloponnese
Monemvasia (Greek: Μονεμβασία) is the hidden city in Greece, which contains a number of ancient buildings and medieval roads. The city and municipality of Monemvasia is located in Lakonia, Greece. The city is located on a small island off the eastern coast of the Peloponnese Peninsula. The island is connected to the mainland by 200 meters from a short bridge. Often, the area consists of a large plateau area of ​​about 100 meters above sea level, up to 300 meters and 1 km in length, near the site of the famous medieval castle. The city walls are still found with many Byzantine churches dating back to the medieval period. The seat of the municipality is the city of Malawi.
Monemvasia Island was separated from the mainland by the earthquake of 375 A.D. The vast majority of the island’s area is the area that extends over the plateau, about 100 meters above sea level. The city was built to bear the same name on the southeastern slope of rocks, and Balaia overlooks Monemvasia. There are many narrow streets that are only suitable for pedestrians, while traffic is difficult. There is a small village about 10 km long, as it is a house located to the northwest.

The municipality of Monemvasia was formed during the reform of local government in 2011 through the merger of 5 former municipalities after they became municipal units:

Holidays in Monemvasia
The castle town of Monemvasia is among the most impressive places in Greece. Located on the southeastern side of Peloponnese, Monemvasia, Greece, the city is completely carved on the back side of the sea rock since the Middle Ages. This huge marine rock, invisible from the mainland, was even used by locals to avoid enemy attacks. The only way to reach Monemvasia was by boat, while later, the road became paved to connect the castle entrance to the mainland. The new city was built on the mainland, just opposite the rock.

Travel guide to Monemvasia, Greece
Monemvasia in Greece is one of the most romantic places in the country. There is a medieval city castle, spectacularly carved on the slopes of rocks. This magnificent place was constructed in the Middle Ages, where this region is inhabited. Today, the city is full of many ancient palaces that have been converted into guesthouses and hotels. Outside the rock, there is a modern town with many tourist facilities.
Holidays in Monemvasia can be combined with daily trips to Gythio, Mestras, Neapolis and other regions of the Southern Peloponnese.

Things to see and do
Monemvasia in Greece is the impressive castle town in the southeast of the Peloponnese. This invisible city was built from the mainland to avoid enemy attacks. The city can only be seen from the sea and through the narrow path that connects the city with the mainland. Elegant stone palaces and Byzantine churches, such as the Hagia Sophia Church, can be seen. Many visitors accept to enjoy watching the hidden city of Monemvasia in Greece, while enjoying some of the activities that can be done in the area for sightseeing and swimming in the quiet beaches.

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