The importance of tourism to Egypt

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The importance of tourism to Egypt

The tourism sector is extremely important for any country, because it has a positive impact in building and promoting the economy, so tourism in Egypt is one of the main sources of national income, in addition to being one of the most important factors for development and prosperity in the country, due to its role in earning hard foreign currencies. And the availability of a large number of job opportunities for individuals, as the number of jobs in the tourism sector is estimated at approximately 4.5 million jobs, or 13% of the workforce in the country.

The economic effects of tourism in Egypt

Tourism contributes to strengthening the international economy in general through the expenses and expenses of tourists coming to attend exhibitions and conferences, and buying gifts, as well as the gains earned by farmers, owners of projects, and various service providers from the arrival of other nationalities for the purpose of tourism, in addition to the effective participation of tourism in the prosperity of the state, improving Its infrastructure and public services, with the aim of providing investment opportunities, and creating projects in Egypt by visitors to exhibitions, conferences, and large institutions.

The cultural effects of tourism in Egypt

Tourism, and in particular business tourism, participates by entering the state in new experiences, and getting acquainted with modern science in the world, by bringing experts at the international level to participate in exhibitions, conferences, and seminars, which are considered good ways to develop the efficiency of manpower in both the public and private sectors alike, to Aside from the fact that tourism is an effective way to transfer skills and shed light on different civilizations and cultures, with the increasing importance of preserving heritage and customs ..


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