Meet with us 5 of the largest zoos in the world, and they are perfect for a visit during your family vacation. In addition to its vast area and the fact that it includes large numbers of animal species, these zoos are distinguished by making tremendous efforts to protect endangered species, by establishing nature reserves, raising awareness of the importance of preserving the environment and sending donations to other environmental organizations.

1- Berlin Zoo

Number of animal species: 1500 species (total number of animals: 20500)
Area: 86.5 hectares
Country: Germany

The Berlin Zoo was built in 1844 AD and is located in Tiergarten, Berlin’s most popular park. The Berlin Zoo is the most visited in Europe, with special offers such as animal feeding daily for visitors.

2- Columbus Zoo and Aquarium

Number of animal species: 793 families
Area: 580 hectares
Country: United States of America
It opened in 1927 and is located in Delaware County, Ohio, and contains ten thousand animals. The Columbus Zoo and Aquarium visits 2.3 million visitors annually, thanks to a sweeping popularity earned by Jack Hana, the keeper and famous TV personality who has highlighted issues such as environmental protection and natural life.
The park is divided into eight sections, each of which follows a different environment and has species of animals that live in that environment, and it contributes to efforts to protect the environment by donating four million dollars annually, and by operating a nature reserve of 10,000 hectares.

3- Toronto Zoo

Number of animal species: 491 families
Area: 710 hectares
Country: Canada
Opened in Toronto in 1966, this zoo is one of the most diversified zoos in the world. The park is divided into sections with different environments and designs, including Tundra Trek, Gorilla Rainforest, Indomalaya and African Safari. The newcomer to the park is currently in the limelight, a small 9-month-old Nandu Indian rhino!

4- Beijing Zoo

Number of animal species: 950 species
Area: 219 hectares
Country: China
It is located in the Qicheng District of Beijing, the Chinese capital. It was opened in 1906 AD by members of the Qing dynasty. The park is inhabited by 14,500 animals, and has some of the rarest species that are only found in China, such as the endangered Red Panda.
The park also includes the largest aquarium in China.

5- Henry Dorley Zoo and Aquarium

Number of animal species: 962 families
Area: 130 hectares
Country: United States of America
It opened in 1894 AD and is located in Omaha, Nebraska. The Henry Dorley Zoo and Aquarium has been ranked as the best zoo in the world for the year 2014 according to Trip Advisor, and it includes unique sections such as “Kingdom of the Night”, which is the largest exhibition of animals that are active at night in the world, and “Jungle Led” the largest closed rainforest in The world and the “desert dome” are the largest closed desert in the world.

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