The hours of fasting during the month of Ramadan differ from one country to another according to its geographical location, as the countries close to the north of the globe have longer hours of fasting while decreasing as we head towards the South Pole. While the Muslims of Argentine people only fast eleven hours, the Muslims of Russia fast twenty hours and forty-five minutes, knowing that the average fasting hours in most Arab countries reaches 15 hours. In this article, we show you the longest and shortest hours of fasting across the world during the holy month of Ramadan.

The longest and shortest number of hours of fasting in the world

Murmansk – Russia: 20 hours 45 minutes

The longest hours of fasting in the world
Islam is the second largest religion in Russia, and it is spread in many regions, especially in the republics of the North Caucasus, such as Ingushetia, Chechnya, Dagestan, Kabardina, Balkaria, Karachayeva and Cherkessa, as well as the republics of Bashkaristan and Tatarstan. The hours of fasting, Murmansk, on the rocky east coast of Kula Bay, are 20 hours and 45 minutes, which is the longest period in the world.
The Muslims of these regions are keen to perform all Ramadan worship and commitment to performing Tarawih prayers in the mosques in addition to organizing collective Iftar tables and then meeting to read the Quran and exchange religious and cultural information.
During these gatherings, many Russian dishes and cuisine are prepared in this holy month, such as bread, soup, bisbarmak and kors. The majority focuses on eating foods that contain fiber and vitamins, including stomachs of Ramsons and nettles, to which spices, onions, garlic and peppers are added. After breakfast, they drink a “kvass” drink that helps withstand thirst all day long.

Ushuaia – Argentina: 11 hours

The shortest hours of fasting in the world Ushuaia is located in the province of Tierra del Fuego, Argentina, in the southernmost part of Argentina, close to Antarctica, and the fasting hours are the shortest in the world, as it does not exceed 11 hours. The Muslims in this country are considered to be minorities in Latin America, and their number is estimated between 375,000 to 525,000, which is approximately 1 to 1.5 percent of the total static population.
The Muslims of Argentina try to live on spiritual rhythms and go to the mosques, especially since Argentina includes the largest mosque in Latin America, which was established in 1996 with the help of the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques and called it the “King Fahd Islamic Cultural Center”, after which Argentina tried to build many Islamic centers in each of The city of “Santa”, “Buenos Aires”, “La Pampa”, “Mendoza” and “Cordoba”.

The longest and shortest fasting hours in the Arab countries

Algeria – Algeria: 16 hours

The longest and shortest number of fasting hours in the Arab countries The hours of fasting in Algeria are the longest among the Arab countries, as the number of hours reaches 16 hours. Algerians receive this holy month with a warm welcome, as they prepare delicious and delicious Ramadan food such as “dumplings” and “heart of almonds” and thistle for suhour, as their tables are not free of the high-quality dates produced by Algeria in addition to the soup.
Families are also preparing well to receive guests and family and to organize councils for all relatives, especially after Tarawih prayers, to continue until the time of suhoor.

Mogadishu – Somalia: 13 hours and 30 minutes

Ramadan in Somalia The number of fasting hours in Somalia is 13 and a half hours, making it the least Arab country in terms of the number of fasting hours. And the Muslims of Somalia in this holy month paint their homes in white and are keen to gather in the neighborhood and share breakfasts with each other, and the parents are obligated to take their children to the Quranic battalions to hear and memorize the Quran.
And spread in the neighborhoods of cities lanterns formed from pumpkins, which put candles inside, and pass Almsrati or “Somalis” and he chanted religious songs indicating the greatness of this great month and calls them to fast, pray and apply the rest of the worship.

The longest and shortest fasting hours in Europe

Paris – France: 17 hours and 9 minutes

Ramadan FranceThis year, French Muslims will fast 17 hours and nine minutes, the longest on the European continent. Islam in France is the second religion in the country, where five million Muslims of different nationalities and generations live in a wonderful spiritual atmosphere where daily habits change in the country and everyone goes towards mosques to perform the five prayers and the Tarawih prayer. Shops also devote divisions for halal goods and foods that Muslims acquire and accept frequently in this month.

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Athens – Greece: 15 hours and 48 minutes

Ramadan in Greece
Muslims in Greece constitute a minority, numbering 350 thousand of the total population of Greece, which numbered about 11 million people, and Muslims in Ramadan are trying to celebrate the arrival of this holy month by decorating their homes and their stores and distributing Ramadan communion.
Greek Muslims are keen to import dates and all the obligations to prepare sweets and delicious food that exist in their countries in an attempt to emulate the beautiful traditions and customs that give flavor to this great month.
Some also organize communal breakfast tables in which Muslims gather and exchange congratulations, and then they go to perform prayers in mosques in many cities, such as Thrace, Kos, and Rhodes, in a festive and spiritual atmosphere.

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