Algeria is one of the most famous Arab countries that visitors visit with the aim of tourism. This is due to its distinguished location, as it sits on the shores of the Mediterranean Sea to obtain a rich share of stunning views and a charming atmosphere.

Beaches in Oran

The most beautiful tourist beaches of Oran

The city of Oran includes many distinguished tourist beaches. We prepared this article to introduce the best beaches that are worth visiting in Oran:

Madag Beach

This beach is considered one of the most beautiful beaches of Oran, away from the city center 58 km, tourists go to the beach of Madag to enjoy the views of the tall mountains facing the blue sea water, and to practice various water sports, and do sea trips, and the beach includes a number of entertainment places and cafes.
The best Oran hotels near Madag Beach
New Beach Hotel
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Very good view and clean reviews
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Oran beaches

Bucca Beach

A clean and distinctive beach that is frequently visited by tourists, away from the city center of Oran, 29 km away, and it is one of the best tourist destinations in Algeria.
Tourists visit this beach for recreation and enjoying the beautiful natural scenery. The beach contains a number of high-end resorts and distinctive restaurants such as Royal Restaurant and Le Phare Cafétéria Crémerie.
The best Oran hotels near a beach Boca
La Praise hotels
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Clean rooms, good staff, great view.
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Beaches in Oran

Pomo Beach

Pomo Beach is one of the best beaches of Oran, located 18 km from the city center of Oran. This beach has a good percentage of tourist visits every summer and contains a number of gardens overlooking the sea, in addition to a number of service facilities such as bathrooms and changing rooms.
There are a number of restaurants near the beach, the most important of which is Mix pizza.
The best hotels in Algeria are Oran, near Pomo Beach
Residence Hotel Ain Al-Turk
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This hotel is rated very good in terms of services, parking and hygiene
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Visit the beaches of Oran

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