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Amsterdam is the most beautiful Dutch city, and it contains a large number of museums that attract tourists, including:

  • Van Gogh Museum: Where the museum displays parts of Van Gogh’s life, and contains the largest collection of his important artworks, such as potato eaters, bedroom painting, yellow house, in addition to several other drawings.
  • Anne Frank House: The museum receives more than a million visitors annually, and the exhibition contains its memoirs, and its secret room that inhabited it before the Nazi army arrested it.
  • The Rembrandt House Museum: The exhibition contains the artist’s studio, in which he painted many of his famous paintings.
  • Cat booth: Where the museum was established to commemorate the cat of a rich economist, and artwork is displayed in it by a number of artists, and there are a large number of cats wandering around the exhibition with visitors.

Brook Inn Waterland

It is one of the most beautiful cities in the Netherlands. On a seventeenth-century church.


Delft is considered one of the most beautiful Dutch cities, and it contains several tourist places, including:

  • Vermeer Center: The center displays the paintings of the artist Vermeer, who are being repainted, with the aim of honoring his memory, as well as glimpses of his life, and several workshops on his way of painting.
  • Old Church: The church is distinguished by its giant construction, and it also contains the mausoleum of the artist Vermeer.
  • market: It is worth noting that the market was established in the late fifteenth century, and contains a number of coffee shops, flower shops, and souvenirs, and the market of Delft is one of the largest European markets.

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