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Types of tourism in Algeria

In Algeria, the tourists find the options open to many types of tourism activities. The following points touch on the statement of some of the most prominent of these types:

  • Coastal tourism: Sandy beaches are available along the northern coast overlooking the Mediterranean Sea, and tourists can enjoy watching these picturesque landscapes, or practice any type of sports they prefer on the beach.
  • Hamwi tourism: In view of the large number of warm springs in Algeria, febrile tourism plays an extremely important role in pushing the Algerian tourism movement forward, so tourists come to these springs for the purpose of treatment and treatment.
  • Urban tourism: Urban tourism means that based on the manifestations of urbanization and urbanization, so tourists in cities are directed to various places of entertainment and recreation, such as restaurants, centers, and many others, in addition to those who come to Algeria to attend seminars and conferences held on its lands.
  • desert tourism: The vast deserts that cover an area of ​​two million square kilometers of the territory of Algeria had to be used to stimulate the tourism movement to it, as these four deserts were full of historical and archaeological sites.

The importance of tourism in Algeria

The importance of tourism is evident in its realization of a set of benefits on the economic and national levels. These include:

  • Creating job opportunities and reducing unemployment rates among the seventy percent of young people among the Algerian people.
  • Increase the gross national product and support the national economy.
  • The tourism sector is a good investment environment for owners of small and medium capitals.
  • The development of infrastructure and the level of services, especially in rural areas, which limits the problem of rural exodus towards cities.
  • Protecting the Algerian cultural heritage from oblivion and disappearance.
  • Transferring an honorable image of the country and its people.

Ingredients for tourism in Algeria

Algeria has many components of tourist attraction, and the following points show the most prominent and most influential elements:

  • Coast and terrain: The Algerian coast extends for a distance of up to 1,200 km, in addition to mountain ranges with stunning peaks, such as the Atlas mountain range, not to mention the interspersed of these mountains from fertile plains and lakes that give an environmental diversity and a vital richness to the place, and embellish it in the eyes of its visitors.
  • Hot springs: Tourists in Algeria have the opportunity to enjoy the waters of the hot and subterranean springs; in this country there are more than 200 springs, and not only is pleasure, but these springs have therapeutic benefits that make them a good destination for those looking to heal and heal.
  • the climate: Algeria has a unique climate diversity due to the diversity of its terrain. You find that the northern coast is moderate in climate, while the interior regions are dominated by a continental climate, with long cold winters and dry summers, and there is also a desert with a dry desert climate.
  • Historical Sites: Algeria abounds in many important archaeological monuments. The rise of many civilizations and the spread of different religions on its lands contributed to enriching its cultural and cultural heritage. A visitor can enjoy seeing the Romen ruins in the cities of Batna, Setif, and Islamic monuments in the city of Tlemcen, in addition to churches and cathedrals, as a cathedral Augustine in Annaba.

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