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Turkey is a country located in the Middle East, specifically in the southwestern part of the Asian continent, and its land area is 783.563 km2, and its capital is the city of Ankara, and the system of government in it is a central parliamentary constitutional republic, its official language is the Turkish language, and its official currency is the currency of the Turkish lira, and was known in ancient times as Asia Minor, and today it is officially known as the Turkish Republic, and belongs to a number of international organizations such as the International Bank for Reconstruction and Development, the United Nations, the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development, and the Council of Europe.

The most beautiful cities of Turkey for tourism

The country of Turkey contains many beautiful and scenic cities and important monuments, and we will mention the most beautiful ones as follows:


It was founded by the Greeks in 660 BC, and was known in the past by several names such as Constantinople, New Rome, Islambol, and Astana, and got the title of the city of the seven hills and the city of minarets, and is located geographically in the western side of the Marmara region in the Turkish Republic, and the area of ​​its territory is 1.830.92 Km², divided administratively into thirty-nine provinces.

Tourist and historical monuments

  • Greco-Romen antiquities: The Column of Constantine, the Virgo, the Belt Road, the Constantinople Race Track, the Gray Falcon Arches, and the Marian Column.
  • Byzantine Antiquities: Hagia Irene Church, Magnura Tower, Great Palace of Constantinople, Prisons of Animas, Church of Saints Sergon and Bacchus known as the Hagia Sophia Lesser, Palace of Sovereignty, the Tower of Christ, Chora Museum, Genoese Castle, and Hagia Sophia Church.
  • Ottoman Islamic monuments: Abi Ayoub Al-Ansari Mosque, Anadolu Hissar Castle, The Golden Gate, The Grand Mughatta Market, Galata Tower, The High Gate Palace, Sultan Muhammad Al-Fateh Mosque, The Seven Towers Fort, Sultan Muhammad Al-Fateh Bridge, Sayyid Al-Asyad Palace, and Rumeli Hisar Castle.

Bodrum city

It is an ancient Greek city that is administratively affiliated to the province of Mugla, whose name means the city that does not sleep, and it is called the Pearl of Turkey, and it is located geographically to the southwest of Turkey, where it overlooks the waters of the Mediterranean Sea.

Tourist and historical monuments

  • Calpa Vac Marina Theater: It is a floating theater on the water, and can seat 225,000 people.
  • Saint Pierre Palace: It is considered one of the most beautiful and famous museums in all countries of the world.
  • The ancient town of fishermen Turk town of Boko: Its residents are distinguished by sponge fishing.
  • Halicarnassus Mausoleum: It is considered one of the Seven Wonders of the World, and it is a mausoleum containing the remains of Governor Musols, one of the rulers of the provinces of the Persian Empire.
  • Fink Beach: It is one of the most beautiful beaches in the Ortakent region.
  • Other parameters: St. Peter’s Castle, Ephesus Archaeological Site, Bodrum Castle known as St. Pierre Castle, King Musulos Tomb, Grand Romen Theater, Torba Beach, Mendos Gate located to the west of the city, Bodrum Amphitheater located in Bodrum Goktepe District, Bodrum Museum of Maritime Archeology, and the Center Commercial Midtown which features a small water pool and trees in the middle.

Video of Santa Claus Ottoman

Turkey is the country that millions love, but what does Santa Claus have to do with it? Watch the video to learn about the strangest things about it:

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