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The most beautiful countries in the world

The following is a descending list in descending order of the most beautiful countries around the world, based on what the people prefer in the countries they want to visit, such as landscapes, clean islands, quiet countryside, and mountain peaks, as follows:
New Zealand
South Africa
United States of America


Scotland occupies the first place among the most beautiful countries in the world, as it has a picturesque nature of lakes, beaches, and rocky castles that made it the focus of attention of visitors from all over the world, and its visitors can practice many activities, such as walking Golf, cycling, and it is worth noting that Scotland also includes a great diversity of wildlife, as it includes deer, mountain rabbits, and others, and multiple types of birds, such as falcons, eagles, and other birds.


Canada is distinguished by its beautiful nature, which made it occupy the second place among the most beautiful countries in the world. It contains mountain peaks covered with snow, and lakes with blue and clear water, and in general, the nature in it is diverse, as it includes broad plains that cover most of the country, It also contains deserts and rivers, in addition to the presence of a diverse wild and flora, and in addition to all of this, it contains a large group of parks and national reserves, such as Cape Breton Park, and others.

New Zealand

New Zealand is one of the most beautiful countries in the world, and it is an island located in the southwest Pacific Ocean, southeastern Australia, and has no land borders with any country. It has a contradictory nature that attracts all people of different tastes to it: there are glacial lakes, strange and amazing caves, in addition to containing long beaches, peaks covered with snow, and beautiful green valleys, except for the presence of plant and animal diversity in them, knowing that there is a rare kind of Bird, a long-beak kiwi.


Italy has a captivating historical heritage and ancient traditions that draw attention, and this is what the visitor finds in its villages, except for its distinctive natural scenery, just as the cities that capture souls enjoy beauty and romance, as is the case in Florence and Venice. Italy is considered one of the richest countries in the artistic treasures in the world, as this appears in its cities and buildings, and this constitutes an incentive for tourists to be fined with it, in addition to that it has a good climate, except that all its food has a delicious taste for many who visited it, and all this It makes it the first country The most popular tourist destination in the world.

South Africa

South Africa (English: South Africa) is the only African country in the list of the most beautiful countries in the world, and this is because of its diverse and charming nature, as a visitor finds mountains, valleys and beaches in addition to green hills, and in South Africa wildlife diversifies, and this is what the visitor finds Through safaris, which are among the best experiences in South Africa.

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