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Istanbul, which is located in the northwestern part of the Marmara region in the Turkish state, is one of the most important and most ancient cities, and the most supportive of tourism in Turkey, as this city is divided into two parts, so we find part of it in the Asian continent, and another part in the European continent. Istanbul is characterized by the abundance of tourist areas, where some consider it as the kiss of tourism in the continent of Asia, and others may see it as exceeding this description to be the kiss of tourism in the world as a whole, and given the abundance of regions and places in this city that is rich in heritage, originality, beauty, splendor and imparting joy, which is intended by tourists In Istanbul, we will discuss in this article the most important tourist areas in Istanbul.

The most important tourist areas in Istanbul

Aya Sofia

The Hagia Sophia Church, which was a cathedral of the Greek Orthodox Patriarchate, is considered one of the most important landmarks for tourists in Istanbul, where during the Islamic conquests it turned into a mosque, and then, after the Turkish state as a republican system and announced its constitution that it had become a secular state, it turned into a museum, and is still So far, its antiquities and Christian-Islamic style are witnessed.

Sultan Ahmed mosque

Sultan Ahmed Mosque is also known by another name, which is the Blue Mosque in relation to the tiles in which it has a blue color, and it is one of the important landmarks in Istanbul, and there is the tomb of this Sultan, in addition to Tekke and a school.

Puppet Hill, Shamliga

The hill of brides, Chamlica is one of the seven hills on which the city of Istanbul was constructed, and this hill is represented as some described it as a panoramic painting, where the city as a whole is seen in all its neighborhoods, its dungeons and also its mosques, as tourists flock to enjoy its pure air and high altitude, as well as its wonderful picturesque view.

Partition Square

Taksim Square or known as Taksim Square, in addition to the street opposite it, which extends from Istiklal Street, where it is mentioned that this field is visited by nearly three million people daily, and this is because it is located in the center of Istanbul, and most of the shops are stationed, in addition to cinemas Many banks, in addition to its ancient ancient monuments, are a lively street.

Gulhane Park

Gulhane Garden is one of the parks in which the city of Istanbul abounds, and it is called a large natural garden. Gulhane Garden is the largest and oldest among the gardens and the most famous, and it means in the Arabic language the flower house where it was previously affiliated to Topkapi Palace and is still to this day preserved Its large gates in its southern part, and it was considered ancient as a romantic and family garden, with an atmosphere of intimacy, warmth and tranquility, visited by tourists on a daily basis and flocking to it.

Museum and exhibition games

The Museum and Toy Gallery is a museum dedicated to children’s games, and was founded by the Turkish poet Sonai Akin, which was held in 2005, and it includes many games that number ten thousand games and more, and comes in the form of an old-style wood palace, white The color is full of vitality and energy, and the young and old flock to it.

Ataturk Park and Forest

Ataturk Park and Forest was opened in 1949, and it includes many types of plants, numbering more than two thousand different species between plants, flowers and trees, which are considered generous to the city, and characterized by its splendor, coordination and arrangement in a wonderful way, and we find three lakes spread over a large area, visited by tourists To enjoy its breathtaking views.

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