The country of Turkey is considered one of the most important tourist and historical countries that have made itself known all over the world, making it one of the first countries specialized in the field of tourism, as many travel enthusiasts prefer to go to Turkey without other countries due to its distinguished tourist and recreational places and archaeological monuments with A value that dates back to ancient times, and today, as we have returned to you, we will complete together our wonderful journey that we started with you and get to know the most beautiful festivals of Turkey, which exist annually in the summer and spring and spread the spirit of joy and pleasure among tourists and the local people of Turkey, let’s start our journey and get to know the best of Festivals, if you intend to travel soon you will surely enjoy it when you visit it.

First: summer festivals

Golden Orange Festival

Image result for Antalya Golden Orange FestivalTurkey is famous for making cinemas and distinctive films, and many film festivals are held from time to time, and the most important of these festivals is the golden orange festival that is held in Antalya, Turkey in the summer, so if you are a fan of Turkish cinema we advise you to visit this wonderful festival as it is one of the most important Festivals that are organized under the auspices of the Culture and Arts Foundation in Antalya, and the festival takes place at the famous Konyaalti Theater. The winning films in the festival are awarded many great prizes, including a prize in the amount of one million million dollars. The prizes vary according to the value of the films Demah in the festival, the festival was held for the first time in 1964, and then it was presented for 10 consecutive years in the summer, and the golden orange festival attracts a lot of people who are interested in the field of Turkish cinema and films in general, and tourists come from all over the world to watch activities The festival and its paragraphs in which artists are honored and distinguished prizes awarded to various winning films.

Ankara International Film Festival

Image result for AnkaraThe Ankara Festival is also one of the most important festivals of Turkey, which are interested in providing oriental and Turkish films to reflect the splendor of Turkish cinema, which is the original entrance to Eastern and Arab cinema, and many artists and critics are keen to attend this festival annually, and the festival includes many programs and paragraphs that include Arab films From various countries such as the Emirates, Tunisia, Iraq, Pakistan and other Arab countries, it also includes the most beautiful and most successful and famous Turkish films, you can enjoy spending a special time in this festival to get to know the authentic Arab and Turkish art and watch the latest Cinematic events, with follow-up of artists ’news, and capture the most beautiful memorial photos.

Color festival in Istanbul

Related imageThe color festival is held in Istanbul in the summer and August of each year, and the festival is called the name of life in colors where the Turks live a state of happiness and joy that is unparalleled, and thousands of visitors are keen to visit the festival from different parts of the world, as artists come to attend The activities of the festival and the practice of all aspects of joy and joy, and among the paragraphs of the festival is that some people color themselves with different colors, dance, play and fun with the use of materials and colored powders to cast it on visitors and participants in the festival activities, which makes it really fun, you can visit it to enjoy spending the most beautiful times Fun with friends.

Second: Spring festivals

Certainly the spring season is considered one of the most beautiful seasons ever, where the atmosphere is moderate and the scenery is beautiful, the flowers open and the birds sing and express their happiness with the coming of the spring, which witnesses a great demand from tourists for hiking, entertainment and enjoying the wonderful weather during the spring season, and in the spring many festivals organized by The various parties, with the presence of tourists from different countries of the world interested in the presence of these festivals, the following:

Tulip Festival

Turkey celebrates the arrival of spring by setting up the famous tulip flower festival that opens with its colorful colors and wonderful types in the spring to give an atmosphere of beauty and magic to Turkey’s gardens, and the tulip is the symbol of spring in Turkey because of its presence in this wonderful season, and this festival is celebrated annually For two months in a row, producing more than 5 million bouquet of tulips during the spring, it will be fun when you visit this festival where you can enjoy the beautiful landscapes and take some memorial photos in the tulip gardens to become a beautiful and unforgettable memory, so if you are a fan of big For the charming nature, we advise you to visit this festival and enjoy the wonderful tulip flowers bouquets, and the festival usually begins in all the streets and markets of Turkey, then you will feel infinite joy and happiness when you find Turkey adorning the beautiful rose bouquets to look like a bride of spring, and one of the most beautiful and most beautiful tulip gardens is Amirgan Park which More than 2 million roses are cultivated every year, and the gardens vary with their beautiful flowers of different colors. There are red, yellow, black, blue and orange flowers, and it is worth noting that Istanbul is the original home of the tulip flower, where it came R Muslims to Turkey for thousands of years.

Cappadocia Festival

Image result for Cappadocia Summer Turkey FestivalCappadocia is considered one of the most beautiful tourist areas that many people visit to escape from the crowded and noisy atmosphere and to enjoy the best times with family and friends, as this region is characterized by beauty, magic and the picturesque nature that people are happy to see, so we advise you to visit Cappadocia especially in the spring to enjoy the Cappadocia Art Festival The famous that is held annually there, and in this festival you will see the most beautiful scenery and enjoy the flying balloon to experience the fun of adventure and, and many forms of plastic arts and other outstanding arts are presented in this festival and we find that they are As many who are interested in visiting each year for sightseeing and distinctive arts.

Carrot Festival

Image result for Bibazari IslandsThe Islands Festival is one of the most famous festivals of Turkey, whose activities are held in the city of Bebazari, which celebrates the harvest of the islands, by holding a festival dedicated to it and the festival is often in the season of June while reaping the islands crop. The festival lasts for three days during which everyone celebrates, and it is worth noting that everything in This festival is almost made of carrots, there are useful carrot juice, delicious desserts made from carrots, and other great dishes. You can enjoy eating carrots in this famous city that produces more than 7% of the island’s crop in Turkey. The concert paragraphs are based on folkloric dance and Eat foods that include fresh carrot.

Oil Wrestling Festival

Image result for oil wrestling festivalThis festival is considered one of the wonderful Turkish festivals that take place in June and July, where Turkish men wear black pants and oil their bodies with oil and then wrestle with each other, a festival that dates back more than six hundred years, and the men in this festival express their strength and physical fitness And the traditions of this festival go back to the era of the Romens and Persians, where two people wrestle and whoever succeeds in putting his opponent on the ground is the winner, and this festival is considered one of the amazing sports festivals held in Istanbul annually and a medical examination is made on the applicants of the festival competition in th Wrestled to make sure they are free from disease-free, and their bodies Almkhaddrat.oaly here have ended our trip, on the promise of a new journey in the heart of Turkish cities to explore together the most important places, festivals and tourist attractions, and learn about the customs and traditions of the Turkish people.

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