Turkey is a country of historical and civilized treasures throughout the ages, where it is famous for its ancient history and its effects, which are classified among the treasures of the world discovered, not only that, but Turkey is one of the most beautiful and magnificent Arab countries in terms of its wonderful climate and charming nature that makes it a tourist jewel accepted by millions of tourists From different parts of the world, Turkey includes the heart of Asia and is close to the Black Sea coast with green meadows, picturesque nature and mountain ranges of high altitude, it represents the convergence of European civilizations with ancient Islamic civilizations, because it contains Islamic historical monuments Old buildings, modern European buildings and heights, and one of the most important things that distinguishes Turkey from other tourist countries, because it enjoys a tremendous amount of markets and hotels, and holds wonderful festivals, festivals and events constantly, surely you will not get bored while roaming the streets of Turkey or attending its famous festivals, so we chose today for you Distinguished in it we walk around the streets of Turkey to attend its famous festivals, those festivals that are classified according to the seasons of the year, there are winter festivals and summer festivals and spring and autumn festivals, let us take a look at the famous festivals of Turkey and enjoy spending the best times.

First: Winter festivals

Izmir International Festival

Image result for IzmirWhat do you think of attending a festival that combines culture and art? Certainly it will be fun when attending a comprehensive festival that takes place in all aspects of the Turkish city of Izmir, which is one of the most important cities suitable for holding large festivals such as the Izmir International Festival, as many artists participate in the festival as they represent dramatic plays, along with the presence of musical celebrations and evenings of literature The world and the Turkish drama, and certainly we will not forget to visit the ancient Ephesus theater that displays the most beautiful plays and great shows, it is only fifty minutes away from Izmir, and the Izmir International Festival begins once every year to bring together tourists from different parts of the world and artists and singer In addition to the presence of dance, orchestras and musical instruments of all kinds.

Biennale International Festival

Image result for IstanbulThe Biennale Festival connects different civilizations and is organized in Istanbul since 1987, and the festival brings together art makers from various parts of the world, including critics, artists, directors and all art and culture makers, and besides that the festival receives visitors and audiences from the countries of the world to bring together artists and their audiences at the same time It is one of the festivals that emanates the spirit of culture and authentic art, and the festival usually has its own organizer that organizes the festival’s paragraphs and sends invitations to artists, critics and art-makers to exchange views and cultural dialogues on the platform of the festival, so that each artist can express his opinion with A complete vision, and as a result of the great fame enjoyed by the International Biennial Festival, the people of art have become waiting for him from year to year and consider it a wonderful historical event that occurs every year to give the opportunity to exchange experiences and opinions, as this festival is distinguished by organizing educational activities for university students to achieve maximum benefit and exchange experiences in student conferences And distinguished exhibitions.

Darwish Festival in Konya

Image result for KonyaThis festival is held in Konya, Turkey, to commemorate the poet and jurist Jalaluddin Rumi who has many immortal poems as he is the founder of Mawlawi, spiritual Sufism, Sufi dance and other spiritual matters, so this festival is held in the winter of every year and attracts a lot to it Of tourists from different parts of the world, and it is said that the secret of this is that the Sufis enjoy the spirit of love and tolerance and treat other people of other religions with love and affection which attracts them to many people, and that their art is one of the distinctive arts that enjoys a spirit of fun, happiness and remembrance at the same time One, as she craves The Mawlawi, whose spiritual dances are performed in a circular manner, and the male and the spiritual feelings, and this continues until reaching the utmost degree of spirituality and inner psychological serenity, as well as using musical instruments that resemble their voice with the voice of a human groaning and longing to see his Creator, and many poetry verses of the poet and jurist are thrown Jalaluddin Rumi, accompanied by music and dance spinning.

Second: Fall festivals

Autumn is the season of nature, magic, and wonderful colors, where its delightful colors abound and the colors of nature spread with its slightly cloudy weather and its wonderful breeze, for sure you will find your true pleasure in this chapter to see the most beautiful natural autumn scenery, where the leaves are scattered and the lands dampened with rain, autumn is a beautiful message that reminds us that each An end thing, but it may be the most beautiful end that comes after great beginnings, when the flowers open again and the trees grow announcing a new beginning after the leaves dry and fall in the fall season, we advise you to visit Turkey in the autumn and enjoy the joy and joy and take memorial photos a For beautiful in the natural places of changing colors, you can also visit Turkey’s autumn festivals, which are also visited by many.

Grape Festival

Related imageAre you a fan of grapes? Do you desire the taste of grapes of various kinds and want to eat more of them? Then you should visit the Grape Festival in Turkey which takes place in September, specifically in the Turkish city of Elazig, which is famous for being a famous center of luxury grape cultivation centers. Many people accept this festival, whether they are from the people of Turkey or from all over the world to buy and eat fresh grapes. The grape festival is held once every year during the harvesting season of delicious grapes, and many competitions are held in which the best grape growers enter and many farmers compete to win. You can enjoy attending the famous grape festival and eat the finest grapes.

Istanbul Coffee Festival

If you are a coffee lover, this festival will suit you a lot, as many coffee makers participate in this festival in October of each year in Istanbul, Turkey, and the coffee festival gathers thousands of visitors and Turkish coffee lovers, and in it you will find all coffee derivatives And its types and you will enjoy the taste of the finest types of Turkish coffee, along with the presence of the latest coffee machines and cups engraved with the most beautiful colors and exquisite engravings, as you will find different types of chocolate and sausages that are presented alongside Turkish coffee cups, and if you want to attend the festival all you have to pay is a very simple amount From the money, then you can attend the festival and enjoy the taste of all types of coffee, and more than one hundred companies dedicated to making coffee participate in this festival for the purpose of marketing their coffee products, as you can get to know the latest and oldest methods in the coffee industry with precision and extreme craftsmanship, and the festival also provides visitors with drinks Delicious free made from high-quality coffee, and given the wonderful offers and services this festival offers to all coffee lovers, we find that the demand for it is very intense, as well as preparing the best chefs and experts specialized in the manufacture of Turkish coffee with delicious taste and all kinds of Hot drinks. And here we have reached the end of our journey in which we got to know the best and most beautiful festivals of Turkey and the most strange in the winter, winter and autumn, you can enjoy spending the best times when you attend these festivals that receive thousands of visitors from all over the world, so if you want to do something new and not Traditional and feel happy and cheerful at the same time We recommend you attractive Turkey festivals, and we wish you to spend the most beautiful, fun and joyful times, and to meet on a new journey of Turkey trips.

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