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There are a set of factors that determine the preference of hotels in the world, and the most important of these factors are good design, whether interior or exterior design, as well as the distinctive location of the hotel to include its sea or wild view in addition to the quality of the services provided, including food and entertainment as well as the luxury it carries These hotels, and in this article we will introduce the names and features of the best hotels in the world.

The most beautiful hotels in the world

Grand Bharat Hotel in India

The Grand Bharat Hotel Grand Bharat One of the most beautiful hotels in the world at all; the reason for this is due to the availability of many conditions in it, including its privileged location close to one of the most beautiful tourist attractions, in Agra and Jaipur, which is located in the city of Gurgaon, where this hotel is characterized by the well-known Indian architecture, from During the design of the walls carved with sandstone patterns, and was built on an area of ​​300 acres, and it contains a hundred rooms, and four large wings.

Hunep Skeleton Hotel in Namibia

The Hotel Honeep Skeleton Coast Camp is one of the most remote hotels that resembles in its design the large camp, and what distinguishes it most is the wild nature, as it contains eight luxurious tents, and its floors were built from premium concrete materials, and it is distinguished that its furnishings are dominated by the simple and gentle nature, and most of what is Its advantage is flying and hiking service outside.

Mandarin Oriental Hotel in Turkey

It is Mandarin Oriental Hotel Mandarin Oriental A luxurious resort, as it is designed with the highest quality and accuracy, as it is built on a slope of greenery in Bodrum, and it consists of 109 rooms overlooking the landscape.

Arrow Retreat Hotel in New Zealand

It is one of the hotels that is characterized by its healthy nature, where it enables guests to enjoy a healthy atmosphere through practicing both yoga and meditation, in addition to the food provided in it is a healthy food of the first degree, and tourists can enjoy the charming nature through the charming nature and the lakes that are distinguished by its color Blue, as well as snow-capped mountains.

Miami Edition Hotel in the United States

This hotel is located on Miami Beach specifically in the state of Florida, USA. Perhaps what distinguishes it is the ingenuity of the design as well as its luxury, as it contains both swimming pools, sauna rooms, in addition to private rooms for bowling, as well as skiing, and this hotel consists of Mainly 294 rooms.

Four Seasons Hotel South Africa

It is the hotel located in the city of Johannesburg, which is characterized by its charming nature and stunning scenery. It is noteworthy that this hotel has undergone many reforms that made it one of the most distinguished hotels in South Africa. This hotel consists of about 117 rooms. Perhaps what distinguishes it is the quality of the food provided in it.

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