The best places in Interlaken

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Interlaken is one of the most important cities located in Switzerland, it is distinguished as one of the tourist cities of great importance, as it includes many mountains, rivers and lakes located in its suburbs, where the visitor enjoys the opportunity to take beautiful memorial photos in this city, in addition to the presence of the castle, which is considered one of the most important Tourist attractions that attract the attention of many visitors coming to visit them from different places in the world.

The best places in Interlaken

There are many favorite places that many visitors from all over the world want to visit in Interlaken, and they are:

Brienz Village

This village is characterized by the narrow romantic streets in which it is located, in addition to its houses that are built in an exemplary manner, which made it a village that fascinates tourists who come to visit it from different parts of the world, and this village is called the village of sculptors, and this village is located on Lake Brienz, and it includes a large number of chalets that She gave her extra beauty and charm.


This station is characterized by being the highest railway station in Europe, and is one of the best places that tourists visit when traveling to the city of Interlaken, in order to have the pleasure of riding on the train that reaches the highest station in Europe, in addition to enjoying the snow and ice, and the visitor was able to See a lot of stunning scenery in this city.

Trumpelbach Falls

These waterfalls are among the important places that have been classified in the UNESCO World Heritage, and they are composed of ten ice waterfalls located at the top of the mountain, in addition to the visitor getting pleasure when gold to it, it is one of the places that attract large numbers of visitors who hold Arab and foreign nationalities.


This place gained great importance when the famous actor James Bond filmed his movie in the secret service of His Majesty in this place, and that happened in the year 1968 AD, and it is one of the favorite places that attract large numbers of Arab and foreign tourists alike, in order to take some pictures Memorial in this place.

Ice Palace

This palace is one of the best tourist places in Interlaken, specifically at the head of Jungfraujosh, and this palace is distinguished by its large size and located inside the mountain, and all its paths and halls consist of solid ice, and this distinctive design made it a favorite tourist place for large numbers of visitors from different parts of the earth .

Japanese garden

It is distinguished by its proximity to the Interlaken monastery, in addition to the beautiful and wonderful gardens visited by large numbers of tourists, and this park was dedicated to Interlaken by the Japanese city Otsu.


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