The most beautiful guide for the Portuguese islands of honeymoon is recommended to visit, there is no doubt that every newlywed couple wants to spend an ideal honeymoon vacation to meet their desires and aspirations to have a legendary journey of life that is unparalleled, without requiring them to have a huge budget and exorbitant costs, and in recent times I turned All eyes are on Portugal, one of the oldest countries in the European continent, despite its relatively small area, but it is one of the countries that is really interesting because of its scenic landscapes and various tourist and historical places, as well as it contains many romantic islands and with an atmosphere Dada, which helped her to be one of the most suitable destinations for honeymoon, and to you Arab travelers are now some of the picturesque Portuguese islands.

Honeymoon in Portugal:

Portugal includes many romantic destinations for honeymooners there, especially for grooms and new couples, to spend interesting times that remain stuck in memory over time. The romantic attractions in Portugal vary between traditional and unconventional landmarks, all of which are worth a visit because of the wonderful scenery and nature Wonderful places that make it a very suitable destination for new couples.

Honeymoon costs in Portugal:

  • In the event that the intention is to spend the honeymoon days in Portugal and the desire to reside there at the lowest costs, it is always advisable to allocate the budget before traveling and stick to it, so that all things that will be purchased from there are calculated, whether gifts, food, drinks and transportation in the event of wanting to leave the island that is Travel destination for honeymoon and go to any of the Portuguese cities.
  • It is always advisable to take a suitable amount of cash, and not to rely entirely on the MasterCard.

The most important Portuguese islands of honeymoon:

  • Madeira Island:

It is a kiss for lovers, as this island is distinguished by its distinctive buildings and ancient palaces, in addition to being home to a lot of love and legendary romance. In this island, romantic sentiments flare up, where feelings warm among couples, and it is called the Island of Flowers where it boasts sunset time in a unique, unique and locked The breaths, in addition to many natural landscapes and a quiet romantic atmosphere, and the abundance of fine restaurants in it, there find couples along the southern region of Madeira island a favorite haven for them where the romantic retreat for them in terms of privacy and away from the hustle and bustle of tourists, and the island provides a lot of now Recreational Shatta in a romantic atmosphere such as recreational tours on horseback, whether between nature or on the beach and others.

  • Azores:

It is the jewel of the Atlantic Ocean, and it is considered one of the unique destinations for couples who love adventure and excitement among the beautiful landscapes. The Azores Island is distinguished by its unique geological nature, as it is one of the most beautiful and most charming Portuguese islands, whether its beautiful beaches or green pastures and lakes located in it, and the Azores is far from Lisbon 1500 km, these islands are an archipelago of the State of Portugal located in the Atlantic Ocean, these islands consist of nine islands are as follows:

  • Two islands in the east, which are Santa Maria and San Miguel.
  • Two islands in the southern part, namely: Corfu Island and Flores Island.
  • The central islands are Graciosa Island, Faial Island, Terceira Island, Saint George Island and Pico Island.
  • It also consists of eight other small islands located in the northeastern part of the Azores.

The Azores Islands or this archipelago is characterized by the presence of a dense vegetation cover and contains many green pastures and wonderful lakes, in addition to its wonderful sandy beaches, it is very suitable for diving enthusiasts and exciting marine life, where wandering among the narrow valleys and observing whales and coral reefs, as well as distinguished by the purity of water and pasture view Green and lakes.

  • Flores Island:

It is considered one of the most beautiful and beautiful islands of Portugal, as its small area, charming nature and amazing lakes similar to the volcanoes’ craters have made it a huge kiss for couples and grooms. This island includes a group of spectacular waterfalls and a huge number of hot water springs, and this island is characterized by the abundance of pink floris flowers, which gives it a romantic character A calm atmosphere amid great views of the ocean and surrounded by many green hills, giving it the privacy that grooms need.

  • Punta Dabiidad:

Nestled in the lagos of Lagos, Punta Dabiidad has its own charm by navigating through small boats on a refreshing romantic cruise through the wonderful pure water, Punta Dabiidad is a vital and important place for the visitors of Al Garvey Stadium.

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