Although Linkawi is a small island, it has a charming natural diversity that amazes everyone who sees it from the clear blue waters to the high mountains, and the different landscapes that fill the horizon. Besides this dense rainforest full of huge diversity in animals and plants, Linkawi parks enjoy a share of this beauty The magician makes it a destination that must be visited when visiting the city.

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Here is a list of the most beautiful and prominent parks in Linkawi

Kilim Geopark

Kilm Park is located among the most prominent parks in Linkawi, due to its huge diversity of animals and plants. It is more like a nature reserve. Its area extends to one hundred square kilometers, and it is northwest northwest of Linkawi near the Kilim River. You can reach it by boat tour from Kimli Jetty or Tanjung Roo River District. This tour alone allows you to indulge the natural beauty of the island with the limestone formations that fill the two banks of the river, inside the garden you can see more of these stone formations that some of them hibernate over the mountains. In the waters there are more than forty types of nests, and you can also see dolphins sometimes. Just stick to the boat and be careful not to fall into that muddy waters that are sometimes dangerous.Kilim Geopark

Lagenda Park

One of the most prominent Linkawi Gardens, also known as the Garden of Legends, is located in Koh and covers an area of ​​fifty acres equipped with brightly colored striped flowers and various fruit trees. Many sections of the garden tell the myths of that city through statues and buildings that fill it, along with of course the name of the garden. It also has many lakes beside an artificial beach. It is a unique destination for learning about the history, customs and traditions of that island only. Enjoy your tour among that charming paradise and learn about these interesting legends. It is also a fun destination for a picnic with the family, but it is not available for any Facilities or restaurants. It is located a short distance from the hotel that takes at most ten minutes to walk to both: The Gatty Point Mall and the Linkaway Fire Mall. You can go to both of them if you want to buy some food or head to the bathroom.
Lagenda Park

Mardi Agro Technology Park

Mardi Agricultural Technology Park is located in Lubbock Semelang, near Buk Village, and is a government-run fruit farm. It is considered one of the most prominent parks in Linkawy as it is an enjoyable destination for adults and children. The park provides tours for visitors to learn about the agricultural methods and modern technology used in it. It allows you to wander through the corridors of naturally grown fruits without chemicals of various types and shapes, you can also taste some of those delicious fruits. The garden is equipped with a café that offers various types of fresh juices, as it includes a walkway that looks like a part of a forest that provides you with a fun tour exploring your place You can also play, take a picnic or just relax and enjoy these stunning landscapes.Mardi Agro Technology Park

Pulau Payar Marine Park

This park is located on the Bayer Island, southeast of Linkawy, and offers boat tours to see the entire park, along with a huge number of fun activities for both adults and children. Swimming and diving for beginners and skilled, huge diversity in the marine life and coral reefs located on the beaches of the park can not be seen anywhere else in Malaysia This makes it one of the best gardens of Linkawi. It also includes many small islands within its borders, which include the Paulo Bayer Islands, Paulo Lumbo, Paulo Paulo Kacha and Paolo Sjanting.Pulau Payar Marine Park

Telaga Harbor Park

One of the most prominent gardens of Linkawy is not as a traditional garden but rather a port full of yachts, the Perdana Kwai Pass is the main attraction for visitors inside the park where they can enjoy the view of the waterfront, and see those yachts sailing this beside the amazing sunset scene that adorns the entire place in red. Telaga Harbor Park at Burao Harbor in Cook Beach, which is filled with lots of restaurants and bars where; you can enjoy food or drink in this fun and enjoyable atmosphere.Telaga Harbor Park

Langkawi Wildlife Park

The wild park is located in the northeast of Linkawi in Kilim village, and it is a huge area of ​​biological diversity extending for five and a half acres. The park includes a tropical rainforest with different types of plants, there are many animals that you can see inside the park and that were placed inside cages for safety Visitors. These animals vary between birds, mammals, reptiles in addition to other species, which places them among the best parks in Langkawi for children and families. This diversity reaches one hundred and fifty species from all over the world such as Asia, Africa, South America, Australia, Russia, and Southeast Asia. After watching a hill Like picturesque animals and feeding some of them, you can head to the waterfall that is fifteen feet in length. There is near this artificial waterfall the moose deer section that you can feed and play with it.Langkawi Wildlife Park


Chugm symbolizes the Commonwealth Heads of Government meeting, the park is located in Koh near the Al-Hana Mosque, and was established to commemorate this meeting held in the city in 1989 so it is among the most prominent parks in Lenkawi. The park is equipped with tall trees and a great diversity of flowers and plants, which makes it a suitable destination To relax and enjoy the city atmosphere away from the hustle and bustle of the tourist places. There is also an accessible beach from the garden.CHOGM Park

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