Tourism guide in Greece Athens, the first thing that comes to anyone’s mind by simply mentioning the name of the country of Greece in front of it is Athens, especially in the Arab countries, as it is one of the most preferred tourist destinations among the Arabs. Athens is a unique city that is distinguished by its combination of ancient civilizational landmarks, picturesque natural places, as well as modern entertainment places that spread throughout, in addition to various cultural and artistic landmarks. So no one disagrees with her to satisfy all tastes. Today on the website of Arab travelers, we discuss together the most important tourist attractions in Athens that you can visit.

Athens, Greece

  • Athens is the capital of Greece since 1834 AD as it was chosen as a substitute for the city of Nafpylou.
  • It is a heritage city and it is one of the oldest cities in the world.
  • It has a temperate climate throughout the year, allowing everyone to visit at any time during the year.
  • One of the most famous tourist destinations in the world, and it gained its reputation more after it hosted the 2004 Olympic Games.
  • Below we give you detailed information about the most famous and best tourist places in it.

Tourism in Athens

Athens is the capital of art and beauty, every part is fascinated by it, and below we show you the most tourist places that still succeed in attracting many visitors despite the passage of thousands of years of existence.

Acropolis of Athens

  • It is one of the most famous tourist attractions in Athens.
  • It is a mountain on which the ancient Greeks built temples for the Greek gods.
  • It is a complete artistic place. With your first step in its main portal called “Propylene”, you can enjoy watching the huge murals, and tall decorative columns around you.
  • On top of it are two of the most important theaters listed: the “Adion Herodis Atticus” theater and the “Dionysos” theater.
  • It is also famous for the presence of the “Parthenon” on its summit, which is the largest as a slave there, surrounded by a group of huge columns.
  • As for the charming view of the Acropolis from its summit in Athens, it is a sight that you should not miss.

Plaka neighborhood

  • It is one of the oldest neighborhoods in the city of Athens, which is distinguished by its collection of old buildings that give it a deep look that returns to the old times.
  • In addition to the presence of a number of museums in it, which are visited by many tourists, such as: the Jewish Museum, the Fresiras Museum, in addition to the Museum of Greek Folk Art.
  • What distinguishes the neighborhood most is the Adriano Street, being the oldest street in the city of Athens, which many tourists come to take an enjoyable and memorable tour.
  • It is also dotted with many shops that display a distinguished collection of souvenirs.
  • At the end of the day, you can have a special meal in one of the restaurants or cafes that serve great traditional Greek meals.

Cavtius Hill

  • It is located at an altitude of more than 300 meters above the sea level, giving its visitors a wonderful view of the city of Athens from above its summit.
  • You can go up it in two ways, either by hanging the railway and take only a few minutes, or take stairs for adventure lovers to enjoy the scenic views during the boarding trip.
  • It is located on top of the cafeteria theater and holds many international music performances.
  • You can also enjoy a wonderful meal at one of the cafes located on top, with a charming and distinctive view of the city, especially at sunset.

Syntagma Square

  • You always find it crowded with tourists or locals.
  • It is one of the most famous squares in the city of Athens, where everyone arrives, so it is a center from which tourists can visit the rest of the city’s landmarks.
  • They feature distinctive water fountains, as well as a number of important statues and monuments.
  • The Greek Parliament building is located around the clock, with special offers to replace the Guard.
  • There are swarms of pigeons that you can feed and enjoy watching flying near you.

Shopping places in Athens

There are many shopping centers in Athens, we show you some of the most important:

  • Athens Metro Mall Among the most famous shopping centers there, it includes about ninety shops displaying various goods, including clothes, shoes and souvenirs.
  • Mall of Athens Heart The largest shopping center in Athens, with a large collection of shops, cafes and the best restaurants.
  • Athena Mall Among the oldest and largest shopping centers, it includes more than 200 shops, in addition to its distinguished presence in many entertainment places to spend fun times.
  • Ammonia markets It takes you to a unique and unique experience, as it is one of the largest popular markets in Greece, featuring a large group of shops, as well as restaurants that offer different foods belonging to several civilizations.

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