Comprehensive information about Jungle Land, Jeddah is one of the cities that enjoy a lot of entertainment and tourism, and that helps you spend a lot of time in fun and visit a lot of places that satisfy all family members, so Jeddah is the destination of all families to spend trips and holidays by the sea, and one of the The most important of these places is the jungle land, Arab travelers help you to walk around and know its most important activities.


It is one of the most wonderful things built in Jeddah and it is considered one of the entertainment and touristic places that helps you spend more distinguished and fun time, and it is called the land of the jungle, because it is very similar in its design to the land of the jungle, and it is considered the most famous tourist city in Jeddah, but it was classified as the most beautiful In the whole Middle East, because it has all the services that vary a lot to suit adults and children, and also contains a lot of restaurants, local commercial markets, cafes, and entertaining shows for children to spend a fun time, all this along with fun and beautiful games for adults and children.
The village was opened in 1999, and was built on the highest level of the surface of the earth, with international designs that compete with the best recreational villages in the world, has added to it the high character, because it is an attraction for tourists to spend a day wandering around and enjoying rural life, and it is one of the most important villages in Jeddah that exceeds The percentage of its visitors is the highest in recreational places in the Kingdom.

The most important activities that you will enjoy in the Jungle Land

Jungle Land is one of the most important destinations suitable for children, as children often visit them, whether on school trips or family trips, to spend a lot of time in recreational games or watching their shows, and among the most important activities carried out by both children and adults:

  • Teaser games

It has a lot of different and different games that are suitable for all ages, which are characterized by exciting and exciting games such as the missile game, or the game of vortex, and finally the Formula Racing game.

  • Common games

There are also common games that children and adults can ride together to enjoy and enjoy in a family atmosphere, and it adds a lot of fun and happiness within the children and their families, including the game of collision cars, and also the game of ghosts, and finally the ship game, and there are also water games that can You can enjoy it with all the family, such as waterfall, watercraft and Zulu Land, and there you can also head to the great video games section, and participate with children in playing it.

  • The circus

And do not forget the presence of the most important circus shows in the village continuously, as it offers various lions, various and exciting shows, but these offers are not provided only on summer holidays only, or on holidays and special occasions, and the village offers special and discounted prices on official holidays and holidays whether Public or private to attract more people to enjoy the village.

  • Kids Games

It has many places dedicated to children’s toys, which children enjoy a lot and provide them with positive energies such as game of cups, as well as game of climbing, and game of waterwalk.

  • Cinema

You can also go and attend 3D movies with your family, enjoy wearing their glasses and watching great movies.

  • Shops and restaurants

There are a lot of small shops, which offer a lot of local products at discounted prices, and offer a lot of offers and gifts throughout the day, and you will notice there are a lot of restaurants that offer local and international cuisine, cafes to drink the best types of drinks inside, and you can walk around the village and see Lots of rural areas and take great and beautiful pictures.
The village opens its doors at four in the afternoon until one in the morning, except on Thursday and Friday from four in the afternoon until two in the morning.

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