The most beautiful places of tourism to the UAE is recommended to visit this year, this is the title of our article today. After the tremendous development witnessed by the United Arab Emirates in recent years, it has become a dream for many tourists around the world, to make tourist trips to it and enjoy its picturesque natural attractions, and these trips can be done in Any day of the year, and through the following lines in Arab travelers, we will present to you the most important and famous tourist attractions in the seven Emirates.

The most beautiful places of tourism to the UAE is recommended to visit this year

The most beautiful places of tourism in Dubai

There are many sights in Dubai, which are

  • Dolphin Bay: It is located in the Atlantis area in Dubai, and it is one of the most developed dolphins habitats in the world, and it allows its visitors, adults and children, to swim and dive with the dolphins and their hugs. It also features impressive offers for children to learn more about these beautiful creatures.
  • Dubai Dolphinarium: It is one of the most popular landmarks for visitors. It is an air-conditioned water basin extending over an area of ​​5000 square meters. Many marine mammals live in it. They present the most beautiful interesting shows, acrobatic movements, playing ball and jumping with rings.
  • Skydive Dubai: It is one of the most beautiful jumping areas in the Emirates, where the plane flies at an altitude of 13,000 feet, and tourists jump from it using parachutes, to enjoy a unique and exciting experience with a group of the best expert coaches.

The most beautiful places of tourism in Abu Dhabi

  • Marjan Water Park: It is a park for children and is located in Khalifa Park, and includes 7 water games, and children can enjoy playing in 4 large water slides, as they live a unique experience by entering them in a narrow tunnel and a bucket of water on their heads which is called the water bucket, and they can also swim in the existing Pacific River In the garden.
  • Manarat Al Saadiyat: It is located in the cultural area of ​​Saadiyat Island, in which performances and cultural and artistic evenings are presented, and art workshops are organized, as well as studios with a group of expert trainers to teach the foundations of photography, in addition to the presence of studios that teach the foundations of plastic art.
  • Al Maryah Island: It is located in the central business district of Abu Dhabi, and can do several activities such as enjoying its own walkway, in addition to the malls in it that include international brands, in addition to the presence of Al Maryah Island Theater equipped with amazing decorations and high sound technologies.

The most beautiful tourist places in Ras Al Khaimah

  • Al-Manar Mall: Al Manar Mall is one of the oldest and most popular malls in Ras Al Khaimah, and it contains about 120 shops, as well as movie theaters and children’s play areas.
  • Rak Mall: Rak Mall is known for its electronics, jewelry and cosmetic stores, as well as a number of restaurants.

The most beautiful places of tourism in Ajman

  • gold market: Ajman Gold Market is famous for selling the most luxurious types of jewelry, as it offers a huge variety of rings, bracelets and contracts made of gold, silver and diamonds of different sizes and shapes, and the Gold Market is located on Sheikh Humaid Bin Rashid Street.
  • Rashidiya Park: It is modern for women and children, and it has a wide green surface in which simple sports such as running and walking can be practiced, as well as it contains a children’s play area.

The most beautiful places of tourism in Sharjah

  • Sharjah Aquarium: It contains more than 150 species of marine animals as diverse as coral reefs, sharks, etc. It is made up of 20 aquariums spread over two floors, from which you can enjoy watching the world of fantastic marine creatures.
  • Jubail Market: It is the largest market in the Middle East and not only in the UAE, and it has about 400 stores selling many food products, especially fish, in addition to vegetables, fruits, meat and poultry, and the most important thing that distinguishes it is its Arab-Islamic style, and attracts thousands of visitors on a daily basis.

The most beautiful tourist places in Fujairah

  • Fujairah Museum:The museum contains collections that talk about the history of the ancient Emirates, and it has two halls for antiquities and 3 halls for heritage through which to display the professions that the people of the Emirates worked in the past and the tools they used and some popular costumes and ancient weapons.
  • bullring: It is very popular with tourists and visitors, and through it, a bullfighting festival is presented without any manifestations of violence, as the winner bull is declared after the losing bull has retreated, so it is suitable for youngsters as well.

The most beautiful tourist places in Umm Al Quwain

  • Sheikh Zayed Park: It is characterized by its wide green areas and contains a large collection of wonderful flowers and dense trees, as well as electric toys for adults and children.
  • White Creek: It is one of the most beautiful natural areas through which rare birds can be seen flying over the sea level, in addition to animals of all kinds and wonderful shapes.
  • Aquarium: It is located in a region close to the new port, where various marine creatures can be discovered through a deep sea trip.

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