The best tourist places in Bangkok for families

المسافرون العرب

A guide to the best tourist places in Bangkok for families, it is advisable to visit it against fights of travelers, Bangkok is considered the main destination for travel in the state of Thailand, because it is considered the capital, and it is considered one of its most important tourist cities, because it includes a large number of attractions and attractions, its features vary between landmarks Modern and old landmarks.
In Bangkok, we find many famous entertainment places, which made it a great tourist turnout. One of the best times to visit Bangkok is that between the months of December and January, where the climate is nice and dry, and then the temperatures begin to rise and increase the precipitation in February and March, and from It can be continued until November, and we will get to know Arab travelers on the most famous tourist places in Bangkok. We find the following:

Best places to visit in Bangkok for families:

  • The Grand Palace:

It is one of the prominent tourist places in Bangkok, this palace is a group of buildings, and this grand palace was the palace of the kings of Thailand and dates back to the seventeenth century, and the palace contains a statue of the Emerald color Buddha and includes the Temple of Buddha, the palace contains the corridor of the throne built during the era The founder of Thailand in the 13th century. This corridor is distinguished by its wonderful design and golden decoration, and contains a number of antiquities.

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  • Siam Park City:

It is one of the largest game cities in Bangkok, and contains a large number of water and entertainment games, opened in 1980 and includes the largest artificial sea in the world, and contains a number of swimming pools of different sizes, and there are water slides of high altitude, and contains custom games For children, as well as fun and excitement games, which adds to the fun, and after completing the game, a break can be obtained in the Siam Tower, which is about 109 meters high and overlooks the city, and contains a large number of wonderful views.

  • Wat Oren Temple:

Or as it is known as the Temple of Dawn and is considered one of the most prominent landmarks of the city, large numbers of tourists come to it, this temple is a temple of the Buddha Buddha and is characterized by its wonderful design, as the sun rays reflect upon it as it rises and radiates a golden golden color.

  • Safari World:

One of the most beautiful safari gardens in the state of Thailand, and it is considered one of its largest parks with an area of ​​190 hectares and contains a large number of animals that have an environment similar to its original home, in 1988 it was opened and contains two parts, Marine Park and Safari Park, you can roam among these safari That covers an area of ​​eight kilometers by car or bus in order to get to know wild animals that roam freely without being locked in cages, or watching the shows of sea lions, or making a jungle trip where they penetrate deep into the garden and see crocodiles and gorillas.

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  • Dusit Zoo:

It is one of the oldest zoos located in Thailand, where it is located in the middle of the city and contains more than 1,600 species of animals, in which there are zebras, monkeys, penguins, kangaroos, elephants, giraffes and others, and there are some endangered animals.

  • Dream World:

Or the world of dreams and is located in the north of the capital, it opened in 1993 and has an area of ​​160 hectares, this garden is divided into several areas such as the city of dreams, the adventure land and dream gardens and the land of imagination, it has more than 40 amazing yard and game suitable for all ages, and also includes a number of parks and rest houses for eating Cold and hot drinks and enjoy an atmosphere of adventure and fun.

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  • Sea Life:

Or the ocean world, located below the Siam Paragon Shopping Center in Bangkok, and is considered one of the water wonders in Bangkok, it contains many water animals that number more than 30 thousand types of creatures of various types and shapes, and there can wear wetsuits and water descents to dive with the coaches To see the wonderful aquatic creatures up close.

  • Lumpini Park:

It is considered one of the best tourist places in Bangkok, as it is considered a haven for the residents of the city because it provides them with great contact with the green nature with a breathtaking view, fresh air and attractive color flowers.



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