A guide to the most beautiful tourist activities in Alwbat Lake, Turkey, Alwat Lake is a shallow lake in the southern side of the Sea of ​​Marmara and is characterized by its fresh water, and this lake is considered one of the most beautiful tourist places in Bursa, Turkey, as it reflects the natural face that distinguishes this city from others, It is visited by huge numbers of tourists annually, and this lake is located precisely in the Nilufer area which is one of the most famous areas of Bursa, which includes a number of natural tourist attractions in addition to the presence of places for recreation and luxury residential places and here are more details on Arab travelers.

Lake Alwbat:

This lake is considered a great natural reserve, as it is a shallow lake with a depth of no more than three meters, and its length reaches 24 km while its width reaches 21 km, and there are 7 islands in this lake, this lake is surrounded by a number of trees and there are many types of fish and birds in its waters, where The lake environment is considered one of the most suitable environments for coexistence and reproduction. All of these things have made the lake one of the most beautiful natural places in the city, and today this lake is one of the most beautiful destinations that many tourists intend to visit as many tourists visit it annually, to see its beauty and enjoy its atmosphere Quiet Which sends calm the nerves, as well as it offers many recreational activities characteristic of its visitors, and the limits of pleasure lake stop at the nature and beauty of the scenic, but it is located near many famous landmarks it can be had like the weeping tree, and many local restaurants that offer fish meals.

The most important activities that can be carried out in the lake:

  • Lake Alwbat is an ideal place for family outings and walking in the middle of nature and fresh air.
  • Camping on the lake and having fun barbecues with friends or family members, as the camping experience there cannot be compensated.
  • On the shores of the lake there are many lounges for visitors to sit in to enjoy the beauty and beauty of the view.
  • There are many boats on the shores of the lake where you can rent a rowing boat or rent a boat working with companies and take a wonderful tour in the middle of the lake and visit any of the islands that are located in the middle of the lake, especially Khalil Bay Island which is the largest island in the lake.
  • It gives the lake a unique natural landscape for visitors, where the fresh, fresh water reflects the nature of the lake is shallow.
  • There, you can enjoy the splendor of the wonderful vegetation that the lake abounds in, and learn about the many types of birds in the garden such as ducks and geese and can even be fed, and this lake is a distinctive interface for fans of fishing hobby, as in the lake fishing turns from a hobby to a pleasure, especially that the lake It contains over 21 different species of fish.
  • Take a stroll around the village of Guliazi where the lake is located and learn about the ruins of the ancient Romen buildings that are there.
  • Go to any of the cafes around the place that offer many types of drinks and enjoy eating in a relaxed atmosphere, or enjoy a fresh fish meal at any of the local restaurants that serve traditional meals there.

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