Tourist areas in Moldova are among the jewels of tourism not famous in Europe. This small country which is located in eastern Europe and surrounded by Romenia to the southwest, and Ukraine to the northeast, includes a group of the most wonderful natural places and peaceful resorts that are suitable for recreation and relaxation. It still maintains its quality, was not affected by pollution, and was not spoiled by pollution. The people of the country, most of whom speak the Romenian language, are friendly and welcoming to tourists.

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The most beautiful tourist areas in Moldova

Tourist regions of Moldova


“Chişinوu” is the largest city in Moldova and the national capital of the country, it includes many tourist places that can be visited. “Chişinوu” is one of the most important tourist areas in Moldova and it is preferable to be the starting point for visiting the rest of the other cities. And the opera house.Tourist regions of Moldova


The second largest city of Moldova is an area and is located near the border with Ukraine, and the city has not witnessed significant development since the end of the Soviet rule. “Tiraspol” is the best place in Moldova to experience the old Soviet lifestyle in the form of buildings and street design. Tours in the city can be taken by riding traditional trams with the residents For locals where these tours are characterized by low cost and coverage of large areas in the city. There are also a large number of museums in addition to a beautiful park along the River Nestro. Tiraspol is the capital of the separate Transnistria region.Tourist regions of Moldova


It is one of the best tourist areas in Moldova and a tourist cannot visit the city without being “Soroka” at the top of its tourist program. The city includes a mix of historical and natural places, there is the medieval castle of Soroka. There is also a gypsy hill that is surmounted by the lush houses that provide a view Witch on the city.Tourist regions of Moldova


The city is located one hour from the capital "Chisinau" and is like a natural resort that includes many wonderful green places. "Saharna" is the favorite place for tourists to escape from the noise of the capital and get a lot of relaxation between the waterfalls.Tourist regions of Moldova


"Ivanika" always comes to the list of tourist areas in Moldova because of its distinctive rural nature. Among the distinctive tourist places in the village "Ivanica" National Park "corduroy" and colorful peasant houses and ancient water wells.Tourist regions of Moldova


If there is one place that you must visit in Moldova to learn about its history, it is "Bindri". The city walls still retain the traces of bullets used during the civil war in the country in 1992. With the effects of the war, "Bindari" city is not without natural places and scenic banks on the banks Dniestr River.


It is one of the major cities in Moldova, and it includes some historic squares and buildings, especially in the old quarter.

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