The charming white sands make Agadir one of the most important resorts and tourist cities in Morocco. For many, the fun in Agadir is limited to the beach, but in reality the city includes many places and attractions that allow you to enjoy a special holiday. It is located in the south of Morocco near the city of Essaouira, and a number of charming mountain villages, so the fun will not end, and fun wherever you go around.

The most beautiful tourist places in Agadir


The city is considered the first resort for Morocco, therefore; the beach is one of the most prominent tourist places in Agadir and attracts many European tourists, especially in the winter where the blue sky still remains, and the sun decorates the atmosphere. The recent renovations in the area have made it a great place to receive yachts and take an enjoyable cruise. The Agadir coast is full of hotels, resorts beside restaurants, cafes, and places to sit for an enjoyable and unforgettable time.BeachBeach Read also: Tourist places in Morocco for families

Kasbah Kasbah

The Great Wall of the Kasbah is one of the most important historical monuments in Agadir, which protected the city in the past from the invasion. Its foundation dates back to the middle of the sixteenth century, and contained a huge population inside it. The walls are well preserved by weather factors, and it is a wonderful place to discover the entire city, and the sunset time is the best time to visit it; that moment.Kasbah KasbahKasbah Kasbah

City Center

The city center is one of the most beautiful tourist places in Agadir, and it includes a large number of monuments and monuments. Among them is the Great Mosque, a mosque built in the modern style, and considered one of the most distinguished mosques in Morocco. There is also the amazing museum that includes a collection of Burt Flint’s ethnographic pieces that highlight the culture and art of this country. Do not miss the Agadir Memorial Museum which was founded in honor of For the memory of the earthquake that hit the city, it contains a set of white and black geographic images that highlight the shape of Agadir in the twentieth century.City CenterCity Center Read also: The most beautiful Moroccan tourist cities


Crocopark is a nature reserve, fourteen kilometers west of Agadir, and home to the Nile crocodiles that were sweeping Morocco before being overfished. The reserve allows you to get to know crocodiles closely, and how they are taken care of, in an environment that greatly simulates their natural environment. So a great place to spend fun-filled time and adventure with your children. The protected garden contains a number of flowers, plants of Agadir, and other outdoor species.CrocoparkCrocopark


The city of Taroudant is located in the Souss Valley, surrounded by the walls of Mammoth Terracotta; its most important historical monuments. The seashore is the most important activity through which you can enjoy the city’s atmosphere. As for if you are interested in history, there is the path of fences that extends to seven kilometers full of mud-brick fences with huge gates for protection. Don’t forget to head to the Kasbah neighborhood; discover the endless maze of arcades. TaroudantTaroudant

Tafraoute Devotions

One of the most beautiful places in Agadir, it stretches in the middle; charming mountain ranges decorated in pink and orange colors. Tafraat is a picturesque mountain city, a paradise for climbers, lovers of hiking, seekers of isolation, tranquility, and relaxation. It is also a great place to do a photography session that dazzles the eyes, as well as discover the traditional Moroccan life. Don’t miss the Ait Mansour Fjord and prehistoric art on the rock near Anumir.Tafraoute FruitsTafraoute Fruits

Tiznit Tiznit

It is a paradise for miners, traditional Moroccan gems. So tourists flock to it, and may come across luck in a unique piece, and this happens sometimes. It is located at the end of the Atlas mountain ranges, surrounded by a number of forts that were founded in the nineteenth century. The old city is located inside the forts and contains a number of traditional souks that sell fine jewelery and handicrafts. If you want to discover the local traditional life, head to the weekly market that takes place on Thursdays.Tiznit TiznitTiznit Tiznit

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