The Greek island of Rhodes, located in the heart of the Mediterranean, which has been known since ancient times, has a bright sun and a dreamy romantic atmosphere that made it a destination for lovers who want to spend the post-marriage holiday known as honeymoon.
There are many tourist attractions and attractions, legends and tales have been told about it, including tales of the statue of Apollo Rhodes, Arab travelers in the following article provide the most important information related to this charming island from its location on the map and its tourism and its famous statue.

Tourism in Rhodes Island

  • It was known since ancient times for the large poisonous snakes that farmers used to wear to protect long leather shoes, and there are some types of them are still alive.
  • The temperature reaches nearly ten degrees Celsius in the winter, thanks to the movement of windmills to those winds, and is known as valleys rich in pastures, and the plains that produce various grains.

Where is Rhodes Island located on the map?

  • It is located on the opposite side of the southern coast of Turkey, as it is the separating point that mediates between the islands of Greece and the state of Cyprus from a distance, and it is the largest of the islands in the Aegean Sea, located about (17.7 km) on the southwest coast of the state of Turkey,
  • In terms of area, Rhodes is the largest island in Dodecanese, Greece, separated by the strait of Marmah from Turkey, has an area (1.388 square kilometers), along the southeastern and northwestern borders of the hills, which has reached a height of approximately (1,215 meters) on top Atavirus, this summit overlooks the Dodecanese Archipelago on the coast of Asia Minor.

Tourism in Rhodes

  • The island of Rhodes has a population of more than one hundred thousand people, and it represents a world heritage in terms of location, which made it a destination of millions of tourists around the world every year it is the capital of the archipelago.
  • The most times that city is bustling with tourists are the summer and spring periods, and one of the most attractive areas for tourists is the section of the walled old city and other tourist attractions.
  • It is also due to its picturesque nature represented by the charming beaches with clear blue water and the trees that extend along those beaches, as well as great in being the most important tourist areas around the world.

Statue of Apollo Rhodes

Rhodes Island

  • It is a large size statue that has been present in Rhodes for two hundred and eighty BC. It has special characteristics. It is made of pure bronze metal, in the shape of a knight with a crossbow and a bow in its right hand.
  • On the left hand he carries a torch, and his stand takes a distance in it for his feet, allowing the passage of marine ships through them, where the height of its base was estimated about fifty meters.
  • Inside there is a spiral staircase that the inhabitants of Rhodes were able to ascend to the top of the statue, which would not enable them to kindle the flames in the Al Ain region, so that it would become a beacon to guide the ships into the darkness of the night.
  • Unfortunately, the statue of this statue did not survive, as the city was hit by a severe earthquake, which resulted in the complete destruction of the statue, and it was sold in the form of artifacts because of the value of that metal.

Rhodes Arabia travelers

Rhodes has many wonderful sights including the ancient museum of ancient Rhodes, the famous clock tower on top of which you can see the full Rhodes, as well as St. Paul’s Bay, along with many other landmarks including the following:
Rhodes Island

  • Grand Master Palace: It is one of the most famous buildings in Rhodes, where it belonged to St. John called the Great Master, where he lived, it includes 185 rooms, including 24 designated to receive visitors, so that they can tour the palace, and also contains expensive vphs and furnishings.

Rhodes Island

  • Suleiman Mosque: It was built with a wonderful Ottoman Islamic design since (1522 AD) after the Turks occupied Rhodes, for the purpose of memorializing King Solomon the Ottoman.

Rhodes Island

  • Valley of the Butterflies: It represents the scenic nature of the city and it is a narrow valley with many trees. It also includes charming water springs around which thousands of butterflies of various types congregate, particularly in the early morning.

The Ottoman Empire attempted to control and occupy that strategic location that it enjoyed and for some time was able to exploit it to its advantage as it prevented hostile fleets from passing through the island, but the monks of Rhodes refused this as their fortified fortress helped them protect them, until 929 AD when they declared surrender and entered the Ottomans .

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