The Republic of Singapore is located in the southeastern side of the continent of Asia specifically in the southern part of the Malay Peninsula, and the city of Singapore is considered its capital, the Republic won its independence in 1963 AD, after its separation from Malaysia, Singapore has an area of ​​about 697 square kilometers, and its population reaches approximately 5,567,301 people, according to the 2014 statistics, the city of Singapore includes many tourist places that are visited by tourists, the most important of which are:

Botanical garden

The city of Singapore is considered a concrete forest because of its beautiful green gardens, it brings comfort to its visitor, as it preserves the legendary Singaporean heritage, the most important of these gardens is the National Orchid Garden, Bonsai Park, and the Garden of Statues.


The zoo in Singapore is one of the best parks in the rainforest in the world, it is one of the wonderful beautiful places that children and adults can visit, which includes a group of green plants inside, and the most important animals that can be seen in it: Orangutan monkeys, chimpanzees and Mercat , Komodo dragon, white tigers, kangaroo.


Chinatown is located in Singapore, which is a shopping center that includes a group of small stores and places to eat Chinese, and the neighborhood is characterized by red lanterns decorated for him, as the neighborhood includes a group of relics, including the Chinese Heritage Center and the Temple of Buddha.

Merlion Park

It is also called the Merlion cub, which is a statue in the form of a mythical creature that contains the head of a lion and the body and tail of a fish, it symbolizes the beginning of the city, which was a fishing village, as it was called the ancient city of the lion, where the weight of the statue reaches about 70 tons , And its length is approximately 8.6 meters, and water is released from his mouth to the fountain.

Orshad Road

Orshad is considered one of the best shopping centers in the world, as it was chosen by the French Marketing Consulting Company in 2012 because it is the best shopping center in the world. The center includes a large group of various shops that number about 22 centers, and its length is approximately 4.8 km .

Asian Civilizations Museum

The museum is located in Empress Place building, on the banks of the Singapore River, and it is a museum that expresses the nature of the cultural, religious and religious life of the Asian people. The museum consists of 11 galleries, and the museum includes a collection of artifacts that number about 1000 pieces, bronze statues, Woodwork, textiles and ornaments.

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