The most important tourist attractions in the Comoros

المسافرون العرب

Volo Market

The Volo Market is one of the most important shopping places on the Comoros Islands. It includes many shops, and kiosks specialized in selling various products, goods, and handicrafts.

Mount Karthala

Mount Karthala is the largest active volcano in the world. Its mouth diameter reaches about 1.609 km (one mile), and it causes volcanic eruptions from time to time, and the last of these explosions led to the presence of a huge cloud Who saw it?

Moheli Marine Park

The Moheli Marine Park is located on Mawali Island (the smallest island in the Comoros Islands), and it is a picturesque park that was listed as the first protected area in the Comoros country.

Old Friday Mosque

The Old Friday Mosque is located on Moroni Island, and it is considered one of the important historical monuments in the country. Its construction dates back to one thousand four hundred and twenty seven, and this mosque is characterized by its wonderful location, which directly overlooks the Harbor Bay.

Shomoni Beach

Beach of Chomoni is located on the island of Grande Comore, a wonderful beach characterized by the presence of stunning natural landscapes, golden soft sand, and clear blue waters, and perhaps the most distinctive of this beautiful beach is the dark volcanic rocks, black.

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Dragon Bump

Dragon’s Back Bump is found on the island of Grande Comore, a natural rock formation that appears in the form of columns, or nails coming out of the dragon’s back, as a group of rocks formed by the factors of nature formed on a curved rock mass that takes the shape of a dragon. Naturally, stunning.

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Laca Lodge Park

Laca Lodge Park is located on Moheli Island, on a small bay close to the village of Neumachewa. It is a picturesque park that includes many comfortable huts, an amazing beach, and an impressive array of fun exploration activities.

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