Malaysia is truly Asia, and it has the best embodies the Far Eastern charm such as the vast rain forests, cities of modern architecture, crowded night markets, delicious Asian street food, traditional old Asian and European buildings, and remote villages amidst the stunning tropical nature, in addition to unique marine experiences, Like diving deep into the sea, seeing rare marine creatures, and experiencing the way of life of the locals of the many islands of Malaysia.
Also, traveling to Malaysia is easy, because flying prices to it are not high and the laws for obtaining a visa are very easy and clear, so all you have to do is know the most famous tourist places in Malaysia.

Kuala Lumpur

Holiday-me_Kuala Lumpur_Malaysia_337521797_Tourism_1000x750Although it is one of the most modern cities in the world, keeping pace with modernity and development, it still maintains its original identity. In Kuala Lumpur you will find countless unique attractions such as water parks, an enormous garden for birds and skyscrapers, such as the famous Twin Patronas Towers, as well as the many dining options from fine dining to street food stalls.


Holiday-May_Birac_Malaysia_358112834_Tourism_1000x750Perak is different from any other tourist destination in Malaysia, as this town, which was a mining and mining center in the past, but today has turned into an attractive tourist center thanks to its beaches and its proximity to the famous Cameron Highlands. But the real pleasure is to wander around the old city, watch handicraft shops and eat local cuisine in its restaurants.


Holiday-Mai_Langkawi_Malaysia_142390087_Tourism_1000x750Langkawi has more than 99 islands in the middle of the Andaman Sea. Each of these islands has a wonderful coastal landscape, which gives visitors more than one opportunity to practice various types of water sports, such as diving, in addition to relaxing and watching the spectacular sunset landscape on its beaches.


Holiday-Mai_Benang_Malaysia_374408203_Tourism_1000x750Do you want a trip back to the days of the simplicity of the beautiful past? So don’t miss a visit to Penang, which enchants its visitors with its ancient architecture, hills, gardens, beaches and local cuisine. The ideal place to rest, relax and discover a new world.


Holiday-me_Malaka_Malaysia_396278359_Tourism_1000x750It is one of the rare cities that has only increased beauty and wealth despite the colonial powers’ struggle over their resources in the past. Four foreign countries have followed their rule. A stroll through the city streets is a unique experience, in which you will see traditional Portuguese villas, eat Indian food, or visit the crowded markets where local products, crafts and souvenirs are sold.

Kota Kinabalu

Holiday-Mi_Kota-Kinbalau_Malaysia1111181880_Tours_1000x750This city has had the honor to host the signing of the Malaysia Independence Agreement, and it also annually hosts the famous “KK Jazz” music festival. Not only that, the city has a stunning location overlooking the South China Sea on one side and Mount Kinabalu on the other. As for amateurs, they can visit the Twaran Crocodile Farm, which has more than 1,200 crocodiles.


Holiday-Me_Kuching_Malaysia_343498733_Tourism_1000x750It is a city of dreams for fashion, fashion and elegance lovers. It combines colonial era old buildings with contemporary high-rise buildings side by side on the banks of the Sarawak River, where visitors can stroll and explore the city.

Taman Negara Park

Holiday-Me_Tamnes-Taman -Negara_Malaysia_441374473_Tourism_1000x750Taman Negara Park occupies a unique place among the national parks in the world, it is famous for being the oldest rainforest and includes the largest flower in the world, in addition to living in some of the rarest animal species in it. Travelers are recommended a boat trip on one of the many rivers that enter the park.

Cameron Highlands

Holiday-me_Highlands-Cameroon_Malaysia_389471242_Tourism_1000x750The favorite destination for outdoor enthusiasts in Malaysia, with more than fifteen tracks in a thick forest. We advise you to embark on a separate trip to enjoy the most beautiful scenery, such as small waterfalls, hills, vast green heights and beautiful country houses.

Gunung Mulu National Park

Holiday-Me_Gonong-Mulu National ParkMalaysia_228806764_Tourism_1000x750This rainforest is of great importance as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, mainly due to the series of caves that were only recently discovered in 1977. Here you will have a life-giving experience in the embrace of nature.
Are all these reasons not enough to pack your luggage and embark on a trip to Malaysia?

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