Aswan rises to become one of the best tourist cities in the world, as it offers tourist attractions that attract many tourists from the world, to enjoy watching these wonderful attractions, as a group of the best hotels in Aswan is presented to spend the tourist unforgettable times, but before booking Aswan hotels we recommend that you By reading our advice through the recommendations of previous visitors to these hotels, to help you plan the best times of tourism in Aswan.

The most important advice before booking Aswan hotels

In the following lines, we have provided some guidelines that will help you in choosing when Aswan hotel reservations that suit your needs and desires:

• One of the most important steps that you should start with is planning your trip and the appropriate hotels, in which it explains the type of accommodation, the hotel category and the services and facilities that it provides, and it is suitable for you and your budget.

• When booking hotels in Aswan, you should know well that the tourism season period is between November and April, where the weather is warm during those months, and we advise those with medium budgets to stay away from hotels in Aswan during those months, where hotel prices reach the highest price .

• When choosing to book a hotel in Aswan, if you prefer calm, you must book near the Nile River where calm and picturesque view, but if you prefer shopping and a bustling life, we recommend choosing the closest hotels to the city center of Aswan.

• Some hotels resort to exploiting periods of tourist stagnation, which is usually during the summer, due to the high temperatures, and you are making offers to stimulate tourism, so you may be interested in choosing one of these offers.

• You must know the advantages and disadvantages of each hotel, and the facilities and services that it provides and distinguishes each hotel and competes with other hotels of the same category.

• When booking the Aswan Hotel, you should be aware of all the benefits that hotels offer in the room or apartment from the facilities provided, the view, and whether there are good restaurants available, with a focus on booking Aswan hotels that meet all your needs.

Best accommodation options when booking Aswan hotels

Here are the best hotels in Aswan that offer luxury services with comfortable units and competitive prices. Let’s get to know each other together during the following lines.

Citymax Hotel Aswan

Citymax offers rooms with a view of the Nile, a 24-hour reception team, a pool with a view, and tops the list of the best hotels when booking hotels in Aswan at all.

The hotel is 19 km from Aswan International Airport, and 4.6 km from the Nobles Cemetery.

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Summary of Arab visitor ratings

The hotel achieved very good reviews from the Arab visitors in both the location, the performance of the staff, the comfort of the stay, and the level of cleanliness of the place.

Hotel reservation
    Citymax Hotel Aswan is an ideal choice when booking Aswan hotels

Kato Dool Nubian Resort

Prices vary when booking a hotel in Aswan. The Kato Resort is ranked the best, offering free private parking and various leisure activities, as well as a continental or buffet breakfast.

The hotel is 12.5 km from Aswan International Airport, and there are no sights nearby.

Summary of Arab visitor ratings

The hotel obtained excellent reviews from Arab visitors in terms of staff performance, level of cleanliness, comfort and location.

Besides being the best in terms of hotel reservation rates in Aswan in general.

Hotel reservation
Aswan hotel bookings can be confusing, so we recommend Nato Resort Kato Dool

Al-Amin Guest House

Al-Amin Guest House is one of the best hotels when booking Aswan Hotel among the list of Egypt hotels with reasonable prices.

In addition to providing many services including a 24-hour front desk and ticket service.

The hotel is 19.3 km from Aswan International Airport and 2.6 km from Nubia Museum.

Summary of Arab visitor ratings

The hotel was well received by Arab visitors at a great rate in terms of crew performance, location quietness, cleanliness, and value for money.

Hotel reservation
Prices of hotels in Aswan reach their highest levels in tourist periods, but the matter differs when booking hotels in Aswan, such as Al-Amin Guest House

Philae Aswan Hotel

When booking Aswan hotels, visitors can benefit from the Philae Hotel offers comfortable décor and decorated furniture, as well as free Wi-Fi, a tour desk, an airport shuttle, and VIP room facilities.

The hotel is 18 km from Aswan International Airport and 5.1 km from Botanical Island.

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Summary of Arab visitor ratings

The hotel received good reviews from Arab visitors in both the quiet location, the staff performance, the place cleanliness, and the comfort.

Hotel reservation
To get reasonable rates when booking a hotel in Aswan, you must choose Philae Hotel Aswan

Cleopatra Hotel Aswan

The hotel offers free internet, concierge services, a business center and express check-in and check-out.

It also provides sightseeing tickets or offers, around the clock security, and a daily continental breakfast.

The hotel is 19.3 km from Aswan International Airport, and 2.9 km from the Unfinished Obelisk.

Read our report on Cleopatra Hotel Aswan

Summary of Arab visitor ratings

The hotel received good reviews from Arab visitors as the best hotel when booking Aswan hotels in the performance of the staff, location, cleanliness of the place, and value for money.

Hotel reservation
One of the suggested hotels in Aswan when booking the Aswan Hotel is the Cleopatra Hotel Aswan

What are the most important tips and directions that you should do before Aswan hotels reservation ?

You must first see the opinions and ratings of Arabs before booking hotels in Aswan, then choose the hotel based on its location near the tourist attractions, shopping centers, and famous restaurants, and then do a comparison between some hotels and choose the one that corresponds to your desires from among them in terms of price, location And services.

What are the best times Reservations of Aswan hotels From the year?

We must avoid the periods of tourist seasons in Aswan, which lie between the months of November and April, where prices reach nearly double, in order to obtain good prices that suit your capabilities.

A comprehensive guide to Aswan hotels: What are the best hotels in Aswan for 2020?

The Aswan Hotels Directory contains the best hotels for 2020, which we update periodically based on real reviews from Arab visitors .. Read more

How and on what basis do you choose Book hotels in Aswan ?

To start with, you must choose the area you want to live in. Will it be close to shopping centers, tourist places, restaurants and more?
Then you choose a number of hotels to suit your needs, and compare them in terms of prices, services and facilities provided, and location.

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