Despite the recent tourism in Al Ain, but it attracts thousands of visitors annually, it depends on the general characteristics that distinguished the emirate as a whole, and others provided by Al Ain hotels that represent the most prominent example of the sophistication and quality of Emirates hotels, and this is proven by some hotels in providing hotel apartments in Al Ain that are granted Its guests have the added luxury, privacy and independence.

You are a fan of independence, of course you need to stay in one of the hotel apartments
With an eye, our report offers you the best.

Hotel apartments in Al Ain

Al Ain includes upscale hotel apartments, and in this article we will review a group of the best, based on the evaluation of previous visitors.

Al Ain Rotana Hotel

The finest hotel apartments in Al Ain represent its location
The distinguished and its global services, where the luxury of staying in modern units includes
All amenities are equipped with a modern kitchenette, which offers a variety of options
For dining, taking into consideration menus and dieters, along with various entertainment options such as aerobics rings,
Musical performances, night club, outdoor pool.

The apartments are located on Zayed Bin Sultan Street, Al Ain, 1.8 km away
From Al Qasr Museum, 3.5 km from Al Ain National Museum, 11.5 km from Al Ain Golf Club, 20.6 km from
Al Foah Mall, 19.1 km from Al Ain International Airport.

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Summary of Arab visitor ratings

Being the best hotel apartment in Al Ain, visitors rated it very well in terms of staff, location, cleanliness, comfort, facilities, internet, and the price is adequate for the services provided.

Hotel reservation
Do you want to live in hotel apartments in Al Ain? Find out with us the best apartments and how to book

Blue Hotel and Resort Al Ain

One of the finest hotel apartments in Al Ain
Emirates due to the availability of units with stunning panoramic views, either at the pool or
On the garden or on the mountain, in addition to the elegance of its decor and the quality and cleanliness of its furnishings
With its modern and comfortable furniture, it offers five different restaurants to satisfy all desires, a center
Fitness and post massage and spa, live sport and leisure activities, night club, Wi
Free Wi-Fi, ticket services and currency exchange.

The apartments are 4.7 km away
For the Mall of the Emirates, 144 km from Dubai International Airport.

Summary of Arab visitor ratings

Radisson Apartments, a luxury hotel apartment in Al Ain, received a very good evaluation in terms of internet coverage, staff, location, comfort, cleanliness, facilities, and price level.

Hotel reservation
Al Ain Hotel Apartments is one of the finest Al Ain hotels we recommend. Learn about its most important features

Ella Al Ain Hotel

Visitors prefer it as one of the finest hotel apartments in
Al Ain 4 stars, a paper that stems from its modern décor with authentic Arabic ingredients, furnishing
Delightful colors and modern furniture, marble bathroom with all its supplies, along with an outdoor pool,
Sauna and jacuzzi, fitness center, free parking, babysitting, lively location
Close to shopping.

The apartments are located in Khalifa Bin Zayed Al Awal Street, Al Ain, 600 meters away
One meter from Al Ain Mall, 11.8 km from Hili Mall, 3.3 km from Al Qasr Museum, 3 km from Al Ain Oasis,
11.8 km from Al Ain Zoo, 16 km from Al Ain Airport.

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Summary of Arab visitor ratings

Ayla, one of the well-known group of hotel apartments in Al Ain, received a very good rating thanks to cleanliness, comfort, staff, location, facilities, price level, and good internet coverage.

Hotel reservation
A guide to the best hotel apartments in Al Ain according to the recommendations of its previous visitors according to their evaluation of different factors

Green Mubazzarah Chalets

Al Ain Hotel Apartments, which most of the visitors hailed, according to the stylish air-conditioned units, includes a separate living room with a TV and satellite channels, a dining table, a kitchen, and an equipped bathroom.

In addition to a group of distinguished hotel services such as the Internet and free parking, cleaning service, ATM, currency exchange, safety deposit boxes.

The apartments are 8 minutes from Adventure Valley, 150 km from
the airport.

Summary of Arab visitor ratings

Being the finest hotel apartment in Al Ain, it is well rated in terms of location, staff, comfort, cleanliness, facilities, value for money.

Hotel reservation
If you like staying in Al Ain, read our report on the best hotel apartments in Al Ain and choose the one that suits you

Al Bada Resort Al Ain

Distinguished as the finest hotel apartments in Al Ain,
Each of its modern air-conditioned units has a separate seating area, an equipped kitchen, and in terms of
Recreational activities The venue offers an outdoor pool, children’s pool, live music shows, club
Kids, riding and bicycles rings.

The apartments are 12.1 km from Hili Park and 21.4 km from the Mall
Al Ain, 20.3 km from Al Ain Palace Museum, 26.8 km from Al Ain International Airport.

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Summary of Arab visitor ratings

The units were rated well in terms of internet services, staff, comfort, hygiene, facilities, which made them one of the most prominent hotel apartments in the prestigious Al Ain.

Hotel reservation
Living in Al Ain is a good decision for those looking for an atmosphere of pleasure and independence, this is a guide to the best hotel apartments in Al Ain

What is the best residential area in Al Ain?

The choice of each visitor depends on the purpose of the trip. For example, the city center is considered the best housing area in Al Ain for those looking for a residence close to tourist attractions and business centers, while the outskirts of the city are the best for lovers of calm and relaxation.
In our article, we collected the best housing areas in Al Ain that we recommend, while stating what each region is distinguished .. read more ”

What is the average cost of a night’s stay in Al Ain?

The cost of accommodation in one of the Al Ain hotel apartments is spacious, modern and close to the vital places for one night, between 54 and 150 USD. The price varies according to the period of the year and the area of ​​the apartment.
And classification of the place of residence and its location in addition to other factors, and you will find in the guide of hotel apartments in Al Ain this the best housing options and the most appropriate in terms of price and quality of service.

What are the best 5-star hotel apartments in Al Ain?

Al Ain Rotana Hotel is the 5-star Al Ain hotel apartments that have received excellent reviews from Arabs

What are the best hotel apartments in Al Ain at economical prices?

Ela Al Ain Hotel is one of the best hotel apartments in Al Ain at economical rates and has won great reviews from Arabs
We have dedicated an article in which we collected the best and cheapest hotel apartments in Al Ain by looking at real reviews from Arab visitors, you can get to know more

What are the best hotel apartments for families in Al Ain?

Each of the hotel apartments in Al Ain mentioned in the article is considered one of the best hotel apartments in Al Ain that we recommend to families for its good location, size and availability. Connecting rooms – Recreational facilities suitable for children – One bedroom apartment

What is the best area to live near the airport in Al Ain?

Al Bada Resort Al Ain, Rotana Hotel Al Ain, Ayla Al Ain Hotel is the best hotel apartment close to the airport

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