Londoners note that Arab kitchens are full of delicious and delicious meals and delicacies, which only exist in it, so they opened many oriental restaurants filled with foods inspired by Tehran cuisine and Istanbul grills.

The Palomar

It is one of the branches of the famous chain of restaurants Machneyuda located in Jerusalem, the restaurant offers modern Palestine food inspired by southern Spain, North Africa and the Arab East, and is characterized by its quiet decoration, where guests sit at a long table that wraps around an open kitchen which enables them to see the chefs preparing the most delicious foods such as grilled octopus in the Oven.
And when you go to this restaurant on any night of the week you will notice that its atmosphere is lively, and its dishes are delicious and fresh, as it is prepared at dawn every morning, and its menu includes many delicious dishes such as chicken liver with balsamic vinegar and grilled eggplant, in addition to many sauces.

The Barbary

Among the famous oriental restaurants is the Barbary Restaurant, which offers foods inspired by the tables of eastern Libya, Tunisia, Algeria, and Morocco, which makes it one of the most crowded restaurants in London, and when going to it it is difficult to find an empty table, so you will proceed to eating in Street tables
It is best for you to let the restaurant staff choose the meals for you, because they will show you things you may not know. In any case, you should eat Yemeni sauces, and Abu Kalash chicken (beats us), which will taste different from anything you have ever tasted before.


This restaurant was created by Utam Utulenge, who grew up in Palestine and offers a range of delicious Middle Eastern and Palestinian cuisine. Autollingi also created two separate restaurants and wrote seven cookbooks.
It opened about 16 years ago, and its menu contains the most delicious and delicious oriental food. You can order a mixture of changing salads daily, and you will notice that the food dishes are decorated like nets encrusted with diamonds, and do not leave without desserts such as dark chocolate, sea salt cakes or mulberry meringue.

Berber & Q

The restaurant serves oriental-flavored mezza-style food and main dishes. Meals are served on metal trays with delicious sharp pickles and warm pita bread with labneh and dill dishes.
As for the main dishes, hot guard feathers or feathers are served with glass of date syrup or delicious lamb shawarma, and roasted whole cauliflower dishes with tahini that will make you feel lively.

Black Ax Mangal

Initially it was known as the home of one of the chefs specializing in Turkish barbecue, because the chef opened it after 10 years as a chef in Turkey and the restaurant is distinguished by its high music, and its varied menu that includes a strange and wonderful mix of dishes, most of which consist of various components and are not used to each other. . You can choose between a selection of home-baked flat bread with lamb or sesame and smoked meat dishes such as roast duck or wild rabbit, and dessert like deep fried cherry pie.


Although it draws many of its dishes from some western countries such as Greece and Spain, but inside you will also find foods from North Africa and the eastern Mediterranean regions. As a result, his menu is filled with a wide variety of foods, such as lamb and bulgur kofta with marinated yogurt broth or fried squid with sumac, thyme and lemon. It is a family project for a father and son who have opened it since 2016 and this is their third restaurant and their latest restaurant. The restaurant has a huge marble façade.

Le Bab

It is known that the British people love the meat of oriental kebabs, so this restaurant is one of his favorite restaurants, as it offers the finest and finest types of spiced delicious meat. Other branches of the restaurant were opened in Covent Garden and Maison Gate. The three restaurants offer a selection of delicious oriental flavors such as chicken shish with squash or lamb chops with white carrot puree and double cooked french fries with a bowl of fondue cheese – in honor of cheese chips.


It is a vibrant restaurant famous for cooking classic kebab dishes scattered in the streets of Tehran. One of the branches of the Brigadiers and Gymkhana chain of restaurants whose menu is inspired by the chef’s dining table in the most famous restaurants in Iran is a Samian entity, such as black eggplant and traditional kebab on fresh hot bread, and one of his most famous dishes is the traditional Khurshit dish, which is a broth on the way Persian, including a steamed stalk of lamb with fenugreek and dried lemon.


Pueblo is a small italyn dish that mixes cooking ingredients in Mashreq and Maghrib. The restaurant is called by this name because it offers a wonderful modern blend of eastern and western food. Like daily fresh pasta dishes and for small dishes like bardarell rabbit, grilled octopus with baba ghanouj salad. Start a snack by eating a snack of fried olives and yogurt, and you will not regret it.

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