Nico Romito is the chef in charge of Real’s three-star Michelin star in Abruzzo, ranked 36th on the upscale San Pellegrino list of the 50 best restaurants in the world. Niko also supervises the concepts of food in Bulgari hotels and resorts in Beijing, Dubai, Shanghai and Milan, where he developed a distinctive concept for contemporary cuisine, based on traditional recipes, giving it a simple modern touch that fully expresses the culture of the “Made in Italy” cuisine, its paper and its vitality.

The list of the new Grand Tour was inspired by journeys by young European thinkers of the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries to explore the masterpieces of italyn art, culture and food.
This trip had specific goals and elements represented in carrying out sophisticated gatherings to live innovative recreational times, as it narrated a love of knowledge and inspires visitors in their spare time by tasting delicious food that is second to none.
This tour became very popular until it was given a name that is still used today, which is the grand tour.
In those days, as in the present, the main stations in the tour consisted of the most popular italyn cities: Venice, Florence, Bologna, Rome, Naples and Palermo. Each city has a very special and distinctive character.
Based on this idea, Chef Rometto created a menu that combines traditional dishes in these distinctive italyn destinations that helped shape Italy’s cultural identity and culinary art.
Through the grand tour list, Nico Rometo invites his visitors to take a special trip all over Italy while they are sitting at the table.

The tour includes the following destinations:


Naples: Mozzarella in Carrosa (fried mozzarella sandwich)
Florence: Papa Al Pomodoro (Tomato Soup with Bread)

Main dishes

Venice: Gambirie In Sauer (shrimp with sweet and sour marinade)
Bologna: Tortellini alla Polonese, Pana e Salvia (Bologna style tortilla with cream and two bowls)
Naples: Richiola Ala Acqua Baza (amberjak fish marinated with herbal broth)
Rome: Costini di Anilo alla scottadito (grilled lamb chops)

Side dishes

Naples: Zukini Ala Scabici (Zucchini Marinated in Vinegar)
Florence: Fagioli alla Fiorentina (beans from Florence)

Palermo: Caponata (aubergine stew)


Palermo: Cassata (sugar-coated ricotta cake and fruit)

Mozzarella is the most popular appetizer in Naples, characterized by being crunchy and rich in flavors. It is called Inna Carrosa because mozzarella is placed between two slices of bread, reminiscent of the image of the carrots. Papa al Pomodoro soup is freshly prepared from Florence using a few simple, carefully selected ingredients.
Saur is a traditional Venetian dish consisting of sweet and sour sauce served with fish, especially small fish mixed with the sweetness of onions and the rich flavor of spices.
On the other hand, the tortellini dish is nothing but bolognaise, a hand-made pasta of delicacy. In the original recipe, pasta dough is cut into 3 cm squares. Once closed, the tortellini becomes very small so it can hold 8 pieces in one spoon.
Aqua Baza is a method of cooking fish according to tradition in Naples, that is, in a light and flavorful way, as it uses a small amount of water rich in fresh vegetables, herbs and spices.
Zokkini arises not to scapishi from a popular Neapolitan tradition serving fried zucchini and then infused with a mixture of vinegar and mint. This variety has long been a favorite side dish with fish in Aqua Baza.
Scotadetto is a Romenian term that refers to small lamb chops cooked on the grill. This name is associated with an old story that the shepherds were cooking meat on the fire and then eating it with their hands, so the heat burned their fingers.

There are many recipes for a Kaponata dish, but the Palermo recipe is the most classic and paper-based.
Its musk concludes with the famous Casata dessert from Palermo, which embodies the history of Sicily, its flavors and delicious aromas.
The grand tour list starts from the Bulgari Hotel in Beijing, then arrives at the Bulgari Hotel in Shanghai in April, followed by the Bulgari Hotel in Dubai in October and the Bulgari Hotel Milan in November.

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