The most important cities and landmarks of tourism in Malaysia Arab travelers from the experiences of travelers, a guide to the best tourist and recreational places in Malaysia in various cities with proven tourism programs and the most beautiful museums, parks and forests, here are more details on the Arab travelers website.

Tourism in Malaysia, Arab travelers

  • Arab travelers are proud of their experience in traveling to Malaysia, and they consider it one of the most powerful experiences that a person can live in, because of the richness of the Malaysian state in terms of natural beauty, cultural heritage, and development that appears in entertainment cities and marketing pleasure, and other signs of unique tourism.

My tourism program in Malaysia

Among the cities that Arab travelers recommend visiting after arriving in Malaysia are the following:

Tourism in the city of Sabah

In which there is the island of Liang Liang, the Sepilok Orangutan Sancti Park, the Monkey Peak Safari, the Danim Valley, the Rainforest Discovery Center, Kinabalu Park, the Kinabalu Mountain Climbing Road, Weston Monster Monkey Forest, Sipadan Island and the Tanco Abdul Rahman Marine Park , Lingangkit Cultural Village, Mabul Island, Trusmadi Mountain, Pulau Teja Marine Park.
City-Sabah, Malaysia

Tourism in the city of Barles

It has Wang Burma Cave, Kelam Cave, Kitari Hill, Padang Bazaar, Perlis State Park, Snake and Reptile Farm, Kota Kaiyang Museum, Kuala Perlis Bridge and Mount Wang.

Tourism in the city of Pahang

It has Tioman Island, Cameroon Highlands, Fraser Plateau, Taman Negara Bridge, Kyung Rimba Park, Elephant House, Bitung House, Paradise Cave, Genting Highlands, and Genting Highlands Premium Outlets.
Pahang City

Tourism in the city of Kedah

It includes Langkawi Island, Beras Island Sah, Badi Museum, Bukang Valley Archaeological Museum, Zahir Mosque, Songhai Batu Heritage Site, Mahathir birthplace, and there is also the Ulu Legong Hot Spring Center, Datai Bay, Klim River, Dayang Benting Lake, and Pulau Park Bayar Marine, Langkawi Cable Car.
Keda City

Tourism in Kelantan

It houses Stong Gunung International Park, Hams Al Naseem Beach, The Village Handicraft Museum and Siti Khadija Market.
Kelantan city

What are the recommended places to visit Malaysia

Arab travelers recommend visiting over 200 teachers in Malaysia

  • Arrow Island

They can do fishing, diving and boat trips.

  • Royal Abu Bakr Museum

Which was completed in European style after the end of the Renaissance, silver jewelry, pictures of the royal family from the reign of Sultan Abu Bakr, can be displayed, and souvenirs can be purchased.
Royal Abu Bakr Museum

  • Baku National Park

It thrives on all aspects of wildlife, from plants, secluded bays, and rocky pastures with steep rocky slopes.
Baku National Park

  • Longhouse

It is a traditional, single-roofed dormitory, in which males are separated from females when sleeping. And enjoy an atmosphere of intimacy and affection when holding festivals and parties.

The Cat Museum

There are about 2000 pieces of statues and sculptures bearing the shape of a cat. The cat is a lucky animal according to the Malaysian culture.
Cats Museum

  • Elephant House

It is that house where the distances between young and old and the elephants are close, and the elephants were saved by this house, which provided them with a safe haven for life and entertainment.
Dar elephants

  • Pasir Salak Historical Complex

The complex includes memorials for warriors, Malaysian leaders and leaders, and historical, cultural and local artifacts.
Pasir Salak Historical Complex

Mangrove forests

It is found on the island of Langkawi, and the giant sea eagles take refuge in it, and visitors to the forests or the island in general throw simple food pieces for the eagles, as they are interested in boat tours, village visits, exploring the cave, swimming between the tides, and making exploration trips to the plants and animals on the island.
Mangrove forests

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