The Arab travelers have prepared for you the guide to the most important entertainment places in City Walk, this glittering complex is thanks to its construction, and it includes a large group of Dubai’s finest stores; and a number of the best entertainment places suitable for different ages; in addition to a large number of restaurants and cafes, and you can see the extent of This complex distinguished all its facilities by viewing the information shown in the current article.

The most important entertainment places in City Walk

Jake Nation

  • It features a large and exciting array of premium electronic games based on giant screens and huge headphones.
  • There are many sparkling events in it.
  • It provides the opportunity to acquire some of the best and latest types of home electronic games.
  • Telephone number: +971 43483800.

Hub Zero

  • It is not allowed to visit children under 10 years of age.
  • It includes an exclusive and varied collection of interesting games.
  • His visit provides an opportunity to have many adventures.
  • Telephone number: 800 637227.

Mattel Play

  • Intended for children between 2 and 10 years old.
  • It provides the opportunity to enjoy many great interactive games.
  • It hosts many interactive educational entertainment shows.
  • Telephone number: 800 637227.

The Green Planet

  • It is one of the best educational recreational places suitable for all family members.
  • His visit provides an opportunity to raise awareness about more than 300 species of animals and plants.
  • It has the largest indoor artificial trees in the world.
  • Telephone number: 800 637227.

The most important restaurants and cafes in City Walk

  • Al Mashawah Restaurant: Specializes in providing seafood prepared according to the traditional methods used in Emirati cuisine.
  • Amorino: The most delicious sundae are served.
  • Arabica: A favorite destination for gourmet coffee.
  • Open Restaurant: Specializes in providing dishes of all kinds of French cuisine.
  • Baku: Specializes in providing food and beverages prepared according to the Azerbaijani cuisine.
  • Barbiger: Offers the most delicious types of burger prepared using organic ingredients.
  • Bedouin CaféHis visit provides an opportunity to taste various types of food and drinks prepared according to the traditional methods followed by the Bedouins.
  • Big Fernand: The perfect destination for French cheese and French burgers.
  • Burger Joint New York: No burger fan can resist the desire to visit it.
  • Pushta Steakhouse & Grill: The restaurant that is suitable for fans of eating red meat meals.
  • Cafe BazzaHis specialty is to serve Kuwaiti cuisine according to traditional methods, while presenting them in modern ways.
  • Double BIts visitors have the opportunity to choose from an impressive number of coffees.
  • Legacy Fruit Yogurt: Delivers delicious prepared prepared dairy in healthy and delicious ways.
  • Eg Spectation Restaurant: Provides breakfast food and drinks throughout the day.
  • Beirut Grapes: Specializes in serving Lebanese cuisine.
  • Ishaq: It serves Middle Eastern dishes.
  • It has: Specializes in serving American and italyn cuisine.
  • My sortHis visit provides an opportunity to savor the finest Indian cuisine.
  • Godiva: The perfect place for chocolate lovers in general and lovers of Belgian chocolate in particular.
  • Gran Café Londra: Specializes in providing prepared foods according to the traditional italyn methods.
  • Leto: Serve coffee with delicious baked goods.
  • Subway: The most delicious sandwich using fresh ingredients.

The most important stores in City Walk

  • Seven for all mankind.
  • Alyssa jewelry.
  • Al Jaber Optics.
  • First day Adventage.
  • Pia and Martina.
  • Pets & Pieces.
  • Boots Pharmacy.
  • Marina Pharmacy.
  • Cath Kidston.
  • Cavaldo.
  • Chantelle.
  • Concepts.
  • Forever rose.
  • Hindam Gallery.
  • Giafranco Loti.
  • Cruzin.
  • Lernirdi Jewelry.
  • Lotus R de Vivre.
  • Lomas.
  • Magrabi Optical.
  • Or Cocoon.
  • Olivier & Co.
  • Pollitt ideas.
  • Prestige.
  • WH Smith Library.
  • W. Motors.
  • Filore & Bush.
  • The Rolls Royce Boutique.
  • The Dunn.
  • Swarovski jewelry.
  • Sleep Mattress.
  • Samphora carpet.
  • Seif Pharmacy.

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