Jordan occupies an impressive area of ​​the Arabian Peninsula between Israel, Syria and Iraq. This magnificent country is of great historical importance, as it contains many unique historical sites, which are subject to the protection of UNESCO Archeology.

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If you are a fan of history and civilization, here is a tour of the most important historical sites in Jordan


One of the most important historical sites in Jordan that highlights the history of this country’s resistance. You will not find such an impact anywhere in the world, located between the Red Desert Trench, and believed to have been established in the fourth century BC. It was the capital of the great Arab Nabataean civilization, which transformed this place into the most important trade outlets in the region. Today, Petra is an important destination for the largest and most successful Hollywood films, such as the famous Indiana Jones, so it is ranked among the most famous monuments in Jordan.Petra Read also: Best youth entertainment venues in Amman, Jordan


The bath is located on the borders of Israel and Jordan, at the edge of the western part of the country, and is an open building that was established from the remains of excavation, and is considered one of the most important biblical monuments in Jordan. Part of this important landmark includes a valuable collection of; Jewish and Christian monuments, along with some Orthodox monasteries dating back to the Ottoman and Mamluk era, and Romen buildings, so it is classified among the most important historical monuments of Jordan.

Jerash Jerash

Jerash is located among the most important historical sites in Jordan, where it is a clear indication of the wealth of the history of this country. This archaeological site is located at the end of the outskirts of Oman, and attracts huge numbers of tourists annually. It is a mixture between the rows of columns and old seats. This landmark was an ancient temple, converted into Byzantine churches, and Romen forums made it one of the most important and most beautiful ancient Romen cities in the world.Jerash Read also: The most beautiful children’s entertainment in Amman, Jordan


The famous ancient city of Madaba is located on the edge of the King’s Highway, which runs into the desert, in the heart of Jordan’s historic sites. The city is famous for its ancient gold-plated mosque, and a large collection of tall minarets, this is beside some wonderful mosaic works from the Umayyad era. There is also a group of wonderful Byzantine works between the cavities, the chapels of the Orthodox Cathedral of St. George in addition to, a group of ancient Romen ruins that fill the city , Which places it within the historical monuments of Jordan.Madaba

Ajloun Ajloun

The historic city of Ajloun covers the green lands and the undulating hills in northern Jordan. Ajloun Castle contains one of the most famous monuments, Jordan, which is the main reason for the influx of tourists.
This castle belongs to the ancient Muslim dynasties, and is located on the hills of Jabal Ajloun in the valley. You can climb the hill to reach the castle, and continue exploring. It contains an exhibition featuring records of those who inhabited that castle in ancient centuries.Ajloun Read also: The most important natural sites in Jordan


Zarqa lies among the most important historical sites in Jordan and includes important pagan remains and biblical remains that you cannot find anywhere else in the country. Besides its historical importance, it has great tourist importance as it attracts large numbers of tourists. Due to its proximity to Amman, despite being an archaeological site, it contains many markets, bazaars, delicious local food destinations, and cafes scattered among the charming brick tiles.Zarqa

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