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Romen Theater

The Romen Theater, which may have been built during the rule of Romen Emperor Antonius Pius in the second century A.D., to perform shows, and competitions is one of the most important historical and touristic landmarks in Amman, and it contains about 6,000 seats distributed on three main levels . It is worth noting that the stadium underwent a number of restoration and repair processes to open it to tourists and visitors.

The Jordan Museum

The Jordan Museum is considered one of the most important museums in the Middle East. It contains within it many historical artifacts that reflect the history of Jordan, and the civilizations that followed the rule of the region. The most prominent exhibits are represented by the Dead Sea Scrolls, ancient human statues, and others. .

Amman Citadel

Amman Citadel (English: Amman Citadel) is considered one of the most important archaeological monuments in the city of Amman, and this castle was anciently located in the area that was under the rule of the Romen Empire, and it is characterized by its wonderful location, which overlooks most of the monuments of Amman, and many of the ruins Ancient history surrounds the castle, and visitors and tourists can tour the archaeological site and see its amazing monuments.

King Abdullah The First Mosque

The King Abdullah I Mosque is considered one of the most prominent monuments of the city of Amman, and one of the most famous mosques in the region. It is famous for its wonderful architectural design, where its turquoise color contrasts with the sandy color of the rest of the city, forming a wonderful mix of design, And Islamic architecture.

Abdoun Bridge

Wadi Abdoun Bridge, which was established over Wadi Abdoun in 2002 AD, is considered one of the most important monuments of the Jordanian city of Amman, and it links the region with the rest of the western part of Amman, and this bridge is distinguished by its wonderful architectural design that simulates the modern modern style. .

Royal Hotel

The Royal Hotel in Amman is considered one of the most luxurious hotels in the Jordanian city of Amman, as it is classified as a five-star category, and is characterized by its wonderful modern design, attractive lights during the night, in addition to its location overlooking the old city.

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