The city of Baghdad

The city of Baghdad is located in the center of the country of Iraq, near the Tigris River, which is the current capital of the State of Iraq, and its largest city and one of the largest cities in the Arab countries. Muslim Arabs and Kurds, and contains Christian minorities and other religions.

The founding of Baghdad

Baghdad is considered one of the ancient historical cities, and it was established by the second Abbasid Caliph Abu Ja`far al-Mansur, who built it in a circular form and called it the round city or the city of peace, and made it the capital of the Abbasid caliphate, and the city at the time of the Abbasids was one of the greatest and largest cities in the world, and Manara For information and a meeting place for scholars.

The most important landmarks of Baghdad

The most important features of Baghdad:

  • Al-Mustansiriya School: It is a school built in the Rusafa area during the reign of the Caliph Al-Mustansir Billah, and this school once contained a fountain with an hour to show prayer times.
  • Celebration Square and the Arc de Triomphe: This square was built during the time of President Saddam Hussein to hold ceremonies and military parades in it, and at the beginning and end of it is the famous Arc de Triomphe monument, a monument that was built after the victory of Iraq in its war with Iran in the Iraq-Iran war, and below it contains a network containing bullet-helmets for Iranian soldiers killed in the war.
  • The Unknown Soldier Monument: It is a memorial to the unknown Iraqi soldiers who were killed in the wars, and this monument was removed, and in place of it was a monument to President Saddam Hussein that was removed after the fall of Baghdad in the American war on Iraq.
  • Al-Hayder Mosque: It is one of the old mosques in Baghdad, and was built by Haider Pasha Chalabi, and it is a square building structure that contains three doors.
  • Martyr monument: This monument consists of an open dome with a height of forty meters, and inside this dome includes a banner and a fountain of water flowing towards the earth and thus symbolize the blood of the martyr.
  • the palace: This palace is located in Karadat Maryam, and it was the official residence of the president in the past. This palace was under the control of the American army after the occuAl Bahahn of Iraq, and it was handed over to the Iraqi government later.
  • The tomb of Imam Musa al-Kazim and his grandson Muhammad al-Jawad: Which is located in the Al-Kadhimiya area in Baghdad and is located opposite it on the other side of the Tigris River, the Imam Abu Hanifa Al-Numan Mosque in the Al-Adhamiya area, north of Baghdad.
  • The Mosque of the Caliphs: It is a mosque built in the past during the reign of the Caliph, who was content with God to perform Friday prayers. This mosque is distinguished by its minaret, which was built nearly seven centuries ago from the brick, thirty-five meters high. The mosque was destroyed and the lighthouse fell, then it was rebuilt again.
  • Baghdad Tower: This tower is located west of the city of Baghdad, and its height reaches about 205 meters.

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