The most important landmarks of Penang

المسافرون العرب

Penang Island

Penang Island, nicknamed “The Pearl of the East”, is located in the Indian Ocean off the northwest coast of the peninsula of Malaysia, and was discovered by Captain Francis Light in 1786 AD. This island is considered one of the most important islands of Malaysia as it attracts large numbers of tourists coming from different countries of the world when It contains beautiful landmarks and places, and we will review in this article the most important of these landmarks.

The most important landmarks of Penang

clock tower

The construction of the clock tower is attributed to Queen Victoria, and this hour rises about sixty feet, to equate to the years of Queen Victoria’s rule. It is indicated that the watch was made of diamonds, and its hands are not timed according to an accurate timetable.

Penang Museum

This museum is one of the prominent landmarks on the island, and it contains artifacts that display the history of Penang, and the culture of its inhabitants and their customs, and was opened in 1965 AD.

Botanical gardens

Botanical gardens (Penang Botanic Gardens) Built by Charles Curtis in 1884 AD, this garden bears other names, including: “Waterfall Gardens” according to the name of the local community because it contains a waterfall, as it is also called the “Garden of Roses” because there are wild monkeys in this place, so these gardens witness a great demand from Island residents and foreign tourists to perform several activities, such as: jogging, or walking.

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Snakes Temple

This temple is located close to Penang International Airport, and it was built in 1850 AD to commemorate a Buddhist monk, and this temple contains a number of snakes that the visitor can see face to face, and catch them, some of these snakes are toxic and some are non-toxic; However, its teeth were removed from it to avoid its danger.

Cornwallis Castle

Fort Cornwallis is a fort located on the northeastern coast of the island. The fort was named by this name in the late eighteenth century in relation to Charles Cornwallis. A gunpowder cache, several ancient cannons.

Butterflies garden

The butterfly garden is estimated at eight hectares, and this garden contains a large number of butterflies, along with other animals such as frogs, and scorpions.

Fruit garden

The Fruits Garden is located at an altitude of eight hundred feet above sea level, so the weather is somewhat cold, and it contains multiple varieties of tropical Malaysian fruits, and each visitor is offered a plate of a group of fruits of his choice.

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Penang Bird Park

This garden is considered one of the most beautiful gardens in the island, as it has dozens of types of beautiful birds, such as: peacocks, ostriches, flamingos, parrots, and sea eagles, and nature lovers enjoy visiting both adults and children alike.

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