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The Larnaca Archaeological Museum

The Archaeological Museum of the Larnaka is considered one of the most important monuments and tourist destinations in the city of Larnaka, as it displays inside it a variety of handicrafts dating back to the copper age, the Neolithic period, the Romen, the classical, and the Hellenistic, in addition to To the Assyrian, Phoenician, Egyptian, Persian, and other civilizations that followed the region. It is worth noting that the museum, which is an important destination for tourists, is closed until the end of June 2020, due to the restoration and renovations that are being made.

Stavrovone Monastery

The Stavrovouni Monastery (English: Stavrovouni Monastery), which is located at the top of the hills, is one of the sacred monuments in Larnaca, where the population still maintains its sanctity, and the religious traditions used in it. A little girl is on the site while the males finish their tour of the monastery.

Tuzla Mosque

The Tuzla Mosque, which is one of the oldest mosques in Larnaca, and one of its most important monuments, dates back to Byzantine times, as it was a Byzantine Orthodox Church, then it was converted to the Catholic Church of the Holy Cross, until it was eventually converted into a mosque, and that When the region came under Ottoman rule in 1571 CE. It should be noted that this mosque is located in the old part of the city.

Kyriasis Medical Museum

The Kyriazis Medical Museum was founded by Marius Kyriazis in 2011 AD, in which it displays a collection of archeological pieces that he inherited from his grandparents, as well as unique collections of ancient equipment and archaeological pieces of medical history, such as: illustrated documents And a similar version of the Ladder of Hippocrates, and a ladder of wood is used to treat the neck, hip extraction, etc. The museum is also interested in hosting public seminars, cultural events, and activities related to medical interests. It is worth noting that the museum has a wonderful garden with many healthy herbs, such as: basil, lavender, and other herbs.

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