Where do I go in Penang

المسافرون العرب

The Blue Palace

The Blue Palace is considered one of the places worth visiting in Penang, and it was built in the eighties of the eighteenth century, and this palace consists of thirty-eight rooms, two hundred and twenty windows, and it is the largest building in the George Town area (in English George Town), and this building is characterized by It is blue, and the palace mixes eastern and western designs, light-colored windows and stained glass, which is thus a rare example of an eclectic architectural style.

Penang Piranakan Palace

Penang Piranakan Palace is a tourist attraction in Penang. This palace is known as the Green Palace, and it enjoys the lifestyle and artistic masterpieces of wealthy people born in China, such as Qing King Kiwi. It also features panels, elaborately carved wooden doors, English and italyn tiles, and iron works. Scottish, and all these things are part of the oriental magic mixed with Western magic.

Tropical fruit farm

The tropical fruit farm is one of the places worth visiting, as it contains more than 370 types of edible fruits. This farm is located at an altitude of 244 meters above sea level, and its land area reaches approximately 101,212 square meters. This farm is characterized by being The only place that contains yellow guava and green fruits. It is reported that the cost of the tour on this farm amounts to about 75 Malaysian ringgit, which is estimated at 18.75 USD.

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Penang National Park

Penang National Park is the smallest national park in Malaysia, with an area of ​​about 23 square kilometers, and this park provides many diverse activities, including walking in the woods, fishing, and the possibility of recreation on the quiet beaches with golden sand, and other recreational activities .

Other places in Penang

Penang has many other places to visit, including the following:

  • Chinese town: This town reflects the authentic Chinese lifestyle through its temples and the malls there.
  • Cornwallis Castle: This castle contains the ruins of British fortresses, and many of the monuments of this era.
  • State Art Gallery: This exhibition at Diwan Sri Penang contains exhibitions of famous Malaysian artists.
  • Kick Look Sea Temple: This temple is classified as the largest Buddhist temple in Southeast Asia.
  • Tropical Spice Garden: This garden contains one hundred species of spice trees, in addition to a large number of other strange plants.
  • Butterflies garden.
  • Snake temple.
  • War Museum.
  • Penang Bird Park.

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