If your next vacation period is somewhat short, visiting the most important places of tourism in Switzerland Interlaken will be enough to introduce pleasure into the depths of your heart and renew your activity and support your patience so that you can get a longer vacation so that it is appropriate to enjoy visiting the best tourist attractions in Switzerland in full. And due to the many tourist attractions in this glittering city, the site of Arab travelers was limited in the current article to a review of a number of its most important landmarks with reference to 5 of its best hotels.

The most important places of tourism in Interlaken SwitzerlandOberhofen Castle

Oberhofen Castle

  • It was constructed in 1200 AD.
  • It includes a small museum with a number of important artifacts dating back to the period between the 16th and 19th centuries.
  • It houses a medieval architecture.
  • Attached to it is a vast garden with many picturesque flowers growing.
  • Official Website.

Spice Castle

  • It is located south of Lake Thun.
  • It includes a museum as well as an ancient church.
  • Surrounded by a spacious garden.
  • It includes a small café that serves delicious snacks and drinks.

Lake Brienz

Lake Brienz

  • It is characterized by the purity of its water and its large area.
  • It is estimated to be 14 km in length, while its width is 2.8 km.
  • One of the most suitable landmarks for those seeking recreation.

Trommel Bach Falls

Trommel Bach Falls

  • It is located in the area between the villages of Latterbrunnen and Stettalberg.
  • Its water source is the melt water from the snow on the nearby mountains.
  • Many tunnels and bridges were built around it.
  • Surrounded by many trees.
  • A visit can be enjoyed any time of the week, from 9:00 to 17:00.
  • Official Website.

St. Petos Caves

  • One of the most beautiful caves of Interlaken.
  • It includes many rooms and corridors.
  • Surrounded by many stunning landscapes.
  • Official Website.

Harder Kulm Mountain

Harder Kulm Mountain

  • Belongs to the Alps.
  • A hanging platform is built on top, plus a restaurant and café.
  • Climbing to its summit is by mountain train.
  • One of the best places to ski during winter.

Schilthorn Mountain

Schilthorn Mountain

  • It is covered in summer and covered with snow in winter.
  • Its high altitude can be reached by cable car.
  • There are a few upscale restaurants close by, as well as a number of souvenir shops.

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Best Interlaken hotels

Royal Senate Georges Hotel

  • It is near the city center.
  • Official Website.

Victoria Jungfrau Hotel

  • Built on mount Jungfrau.
  • Official Website.

Stella hotel

  • One of the best hotels in the center of Interlaken.
  • Official Website.

Hotel du Nord

  • It occupies a privileged location near both the city center and the train station.
  • Official Website.

Bossit Hotel

  • One of the best hotels for family trips.
  • It is located near many important sights of the city.
  • Official Website.

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