The most important popular markets in Rome

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Rome is considered one of the jewels of European cities, due to its charm that blends modernity with ancient history. Italy’s capital attracts tourists from all over the world to enjoy an exciting experience that mixes culture, history and, of course, the most delicious food that can be tasted at all. The city’s popular markets give you this wonderful mix of happiness and fun.

Learn about the most important markets in, fun and never ending

Borghetto Flaminio Market

Borgetto Villaminio Market is held weekly, on Sundays, around Piazza del Popolo square, which makes it easily accessible. You can buy whatever you want, like rare antiques, designer clothes and brands, and second-hand clothes that are in good condition; you may find an Armani sunglasses, elegant Gucci handbags, or some luxurious fur coats. Spending a tour of this market makes you mix well with the cultural and civilizational diversity of the city. And don’t forget to get the best clicks at the lowest prices; all of that puts it among the most popular markets in Rome. Working hours: from ten in the morning until seven in the evening on Sundays.The most important popular markets in Rome - The most important popular markets in RomeBorghetto Flaminio Market Read also: 8 best halal restaurants in Rome

Porta Portese Market

The largest, and most important, popular market in Rome. It extends for about a mile, spreads on the streets and back roads. Includes an endless number of kiosks, carpet sellers, antiques, clothes, and even pets. If you want to gain profitable trust, want to buy some cheap souvenirs, or don’t want anything at all, just head to Porta Portese Market Where the atmosphere is lively and fun, cheerful colors, high shouts, high-quality goods and low prices. Working hours: from five in the morning until two in the evening on Sundays.1581208189 544 The most important popular markets in Rome - The most important popular markets in RomePorta Portese Market

Fontanella Borghese Market

Going on a tour around the Fontanella Borghese market is a wonderful opportunity for literature and arts lovers; they can enjoy a search for books, ancient and rare paintings for the lowest prices. Among those charming pieces are archaeological maps, ancient paintings, used antique cameras, old newspapers and magazines. , And fabulous literary books. So it is a great place to enjoy the authentic and enchanting atmosphere of Rome. Besides buying the best souvenirs, at very discounted prices. Working hours: from nine in the morning until seven in the evening, from Monday to Saturday.1581208189 649 The most important popular markets in Rome - The most important popular markets in RomeFontanella Borghese Market Read also: The most important tourist places in Rome

La Soffitta Sotto I Portici Market

La Souvita Soto Portesi attracts local youth, trendy lovers, and modern fashion. It contains classic clothes, the latest fashion, and elegant used jewelry. All of this at low prices that suit everyone, making it a favorite destination for many tourists. One of the most important pieces included in the market; silk scarves, crystal beads and antique lace pieces. Anything related to fashion you will find in this market. La Soufeta Soto Portici is surrounded by the most important historical and archaeological monuments in Rome where it is located outside the shrine of Augustes, between the Spanish Steps and Piazza del Popolo square. Working hours: from seven in the morning until seven in the evening, the first and third Sunday Of every month.1581208189 853 The most important popular markets in Rome - The most important popular markets in RomeLa Soffitta Sotto I Portici Market

Campo de Fiori

The most important popular market in Rome is where it dates back more than four hundred years. Because of its importance, Campo de ‘Fiori is located in any tourist guide for Rome, because it enables you to get to know the true taste of this country. Campo de’ Fiori means the field of flowers, and it includes a variety of products such as; beautiful flowers, fresh vegetables and fruits, Italian meat and cheese , Truffles and homemade olive oil. A great place to come into contact with the Italian people, learn about the nature of life and culture. It is also an amazing place to savor delicious and delicious foods. Working hours: daily.1581208189 348 The most important popular markets in Rome - The most important popular markets in RomeCampo de Fiori


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