Berlin is one of the most famous German tourist cities, because it is the capital city, and it is one of the largest German cities, besides it includes many multiple tourist places, and some archaeological sites that attract a large number of visitors from all countries, and we will get to know through This article is on the tourist attractions of Berlin.

Best tourist attractions in Berlin:

First: Charlottenburg Palace:

This palace is one of the most important tourist attractions in Berlin, because it is considered one of the most beautiful and largest palaces ever, which dates back to the almost seventeenth century, and it is one of the palaces that includes the huge architectural design.

Contents of Charlottenburg Palace:

  • The palace houses a large number of different rooms, designed with many different decors and decorations.
  • The palace also has a large garden with many vast green spaces that attract visitors.

Second: The Victory Column:

The Victory Column is one of the tourist attractions in the capital, Berlin, because it is one of the buildings that were designed in the eighteenth century and still exist to this day, and that name was named because of the victories achieved by Germany.

Contents of the Victory Column:

  • The Victory Column includes a huge height, reaching a length of sixty-nine meters.
  • The interior of the Victory Column includes a spiral staircase, which enables climbing to the top, which has a number of steps of approximately two hundred and eighty degrees.
  • Around the Pillar of Victory there are large green areas that visitors can sit in.
  • The Victory Column includes the Victoria statue at its summit, symbolizing peace and victory.

Third: Brandenburg Gate:

This gate is one of the tourist attractions in Berlin, because it is one of the most important tourist attractions that characterize the city of Berlin. In reverence for this portal, its image was printed on many German paper currencies, and the establishment of this gate dates back to the eighteenth century.

The contents of the Brandenburg Gate:

  • The portal contains many distinctive inscriptions and motifs, located on all parts of it.
  • The gate from the top houses a statue representing the horses as well as their cart at the front of the gate.
  • There are a large number of green plants around the gate through the gardens that surround the gate.
  • Besides the gate there is a group of attractive fountains, which add a wonderful appearance to the place.

Fourth: Berlin Tower:

The Berlin Tower is one of the most important attractions in the city, as it is one of the tallest towers, with a tower length of approximately three hundred and sixty-eight meters, and it is considered the second tallest tower in Europe.

The contents of the Berlin Tower:

  • Berlin Tower includes a unique and distinctive architectural design, as it was added to the celestial sphere, which is thirty-two meters in diameter.
  • The interior of the tower includes lifts equipped with the latest technology, which can transport people to the top of the tower in record time.
  • Also in the tower there is a distinctive restaurant in the above in the ball region, which provides a unique view of the city.

Fifth: the Old Berlin Museum:

The Berlin Museum is one of the most important museums that attract visitors to it, and it is located on the Museum Island, which is from the eighteenth century, and won the title of the best museum in Germany.

Contents of the Old Berlin Museum:

  • The museum houses a collection of bronze artifacts, as well as many stone statues.
  • The museum also has a large number of flower pots and some wool fabrics.
  • The museum also houses a collection of gold, and some silver items.
  • The museum also has some statues of some great ones such as Cleopatra, along with a group of Romen coffins.

Sixth: Musical Instruments Museum:

The Musical Instruments Museum is one of the most attractive museums for visitors from all countries, because it is a museum dedicated to music lovers, as the museum includes more than three thousand musical instruments.

Musical Instruments Museum Contents:

  • The Musical Instruments Museum houses a collection of ancient musical instruments, most of which are from the sixteenth century.
  • The Museum of Instruments also has the first machine in history that was invented by the god Osiris.
  • The museum also houses the instrument of the Kingdom of Prussia Sophie, a portable harp.

Seventh: Berlin Zoo

The zoo is one of the most important tourist attractions in Berlin, because it is one of the parks with a large and vast area, which includes more than one thousand five hundred different types of animals, and this park is one of the first zoos in Germany.

Zoo contents:

  • The park includes a large number of wild animals, among which there are some rare animals, among which are the black tiger, as well as polar bears.
  • The park also has a large number of attractive birds, which are also among the rare species.
  • The zoo also includes sea lions, as well as dolphins, which are trained in the park.
  • There is also a group of marine creatures and fish in the garden through the aquarium in it.

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